Purple carpet: varieties, location and care of the ground cover

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Both for the rock garden and for the grave planting, the purple carpet is well suited. Some varieties and notes on location and care are available here.

Beautiful purple carpet variety: the Moossteinbrech

The purple carpet, which thrives in many colors, is one of the most popular plants in the rock garden, but is also ideally suited to the normal flowerbed. The Moosteppichartige plant (groundcover) is even extremely robust and easy to maintain, which is why it can be implanted almost everywhere.


Due to its easy care, the purple carpet is also great for grave planting.

Varieties of purple carpet

Today, the garden trade offers countless varieties of purple carpet. The most well-known varieties include:

  • Moossteinbrech - about 15 centimeters high, white and pink flower formation
  • Foundling - white, much larger flower form, only 10 centimeters in growth height
  • Ingeborg - dark red flowers, rarely available
  • Sleeping Beauty - bright red flowers
  • Cespitosa - hybrid of two varieties, is therefore available with red, yellow or white flowers
  • Spring snow - white flowers that bloom in early spring
  • Peter Pan - tolerates the sun, red bloom
  • Sulfur blossom - pale yellow flower formation
  • Judenbart - white, filigree flower, also suitable as container plant
  • Elisabetha - pale yellow, albeit faint flower formation
  • Paulinae - gray-green upholstery, yellow, intense flower
  • Winter fire - white panicle flowers, about 20 centimeters tall
  • Porcelain flower - white panicle flowers, 30 cm tall, spreading extremely fast
  • Engleria - various varieties, all very low-growing and dense, well suited for the rock garden

Perfect location

The purple carpet already in early spring (from about March to October, depending on the variety) have little claim to their location, thrive even in the shade of trees, sparse rockery and dry stone walls, etc. Only full sun locations should if possible be avoided.


Purple rugs are offered in the garden shop market at very reasonable prices and spread well in the first year of planting. However, you can simply divide the upholstery every autumn (after flowering) and put it back in a new location.

Maintain purple carpet properly

" To water:

Actually, the purple carpet needs no care. However, you need to water it moderately during prolonged periods of drought. However, do not water the purple carpet at lunchtime, but prefer the morning or evening hours so that the surface does not burn. You should also avoid waterlogging.


Fertilization is not necessary in principle, but can be carried out if necessary.

┬╗Promote flowering:

You can support the new flowering of the purple carpet by picking out withered flowers as quickly as possible. By this measure, new flowers quickly form, which provide a great picture in the spring garden bed.

Even in late autumn, the evergreen purple carpet still presents itself in a neat countenance, enchanting its gardener with the daily formation of hoarfrost.

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