Hibernate the Kolkwitzie in the bucket - Tips for hibernation in the house and in the garden

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If the autumn is slowly over and it is much cooler outside, you must overwinter your Kolkwitzie in the bucket. You can do that both indoors and in the garden.

Kolkwitzien can also spend the winter outside

The Kolkwitzie (Kolkwitzia amabilis), often referred to as mother-of-pearl shrub, belongs in the field to the fully hardy plants. However, when cultivating in the bucket, you must protect the Kolkwitzie with a few simple measures.

Stick to the following tips and a good start to next spring, nothing stands in the way.

Kolkwitzie overwinter in the house

In September, the Kolkwitzie prepares for the wintry rest period. Cut and fertilize the plant from this time no more. In October you bring the Kolkwitzie in a cool, frost-free room. Unheated conservatories, bright staircases, garages or even cellar rooms and attics with large windows make for a location. Temperatures from 8° C to 10° C are ideal. Slightly lower temperatures are easily tolerated.

Examine the Kolkwitzie at the beginning of hibernation meticulously for pests and do not choose a humid location, where mold has already formed. Water the plant every two weeks with a little water. From April, you can bring the Kolkwitzie back to the garden.

Hibernate in the garden over the winter

If you want to hibernate your Kolkwitzie outside in the tub, you must ensure that the root ball does not completely freeze. Choose a sheltered location, preferably on the south side of the house. Place the bucket on a piece of polystyrene with a thickness of at least four centimeters or on thick wooden boards. Styrofoam or wood acts as an insulating layer and prevents soil frost from rising in the bucket.

Wrap the bucket with a double layer of coconut, bast or straw mats. Lash the mats with a strong cord. As an alternative to the mats can also be used significantly cheaper bubble wrap. However, the plastic does not seem as charming as the mats made of natural materials. Finally, cover the tub with a layer of softwood rice. Frost free days in winter should be used to pour the Kolkwitze. Limit yourself to small amounts of water.

Protect Kolkwitzie from frost in spring

If the Kolkwitzie drives out very early in the spring or threatens frost again during the spring, you should protect the shoots with jute sacks. Also, do not place the plant immediately in full sun. The young leaves are quite sensitive and often respond to too much sun with sunburn. Slowly get used to the plant in the sun.

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