Kolkwitzie planting: Tips on location, soil and planting time

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The Kolkwitzie can be easily planted by hobby gardeners without intensive prior knowledge. You do not even have to have a green thumb for that.

Kolkwitzien are among the most frugal plants

Kolkwitzien are usually obtained as container plants. Hold the plant as far down as possible and pull it out of the pot. Check for root damage and, if necessary, remove any visibly diseased root strands. Now put the roots in water for at least half an hour. In the meantime, pick up a planting hole that is about twice the volume of the root ball. Insert the root ball, soil around earth and cover the roots with the substrate. Finally, pour the Kolkwitzie generously.

Kolkwitzien can be planted as a hedge or solitary plant

If you cultivate your Kolkwitzie as a solitary plant, you must already take into account the growth range, which starts to grow as you grow. It lies, as well as the height, at about 350 centimeters. Keep a distance of 175 centimeters on all sides to house walls, fences, garages or other plants.

If the Kolkwitze is to grow as a hedge, two plants per meter are sufficient. Be aware, however, that it will take a few years for a hedge to form, for the first step is to build tall, slender cabbages before expanding into width.

Criteria for the location choice

Kolkwitzien are capable of surviving from shady to full sun. In the permanent shade, however, you can not expect a large flower splendor. If the beautiful flowers are an important decision criterion for the Kolkwitzien, you should choose only sunny to partially shaded locations. You do not have to worry about frost damage at Kolkwitzien, regardless of location. The shrubs are very hardy in the field.

Claims to the ground

The Kolkwitzie is one of the frugal plants that can cope with almost all types of soil. Improvements are only appropriate for pure sandy soils or clay soils. Enrichment with organic material such as mature compost or ordinary garden soil is sufficient here.

The best time to plant

Ideally you plant your Kolkwitzien in the spring. The plants then have enough time to form a sufficient root system by winter. With a little luck, you will experience the first flowering already in the year of planting, which is expected in May to June.

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