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There are so many ways to create outdoor decking or flooring. If you look only once at the possibilities of natural stones such as basalt, porphyry, granite, marble or limestone and sandstone.
The design variety seems endless, with more and more people opting for quarried stone slabs, as they give a very southern touch.
However, the plates are misplaced and not so easy. You have to be aware that here is never a stone exactly the other.
If you also want to design a surface that has as few joints as possible, then you have to pick each stone individually, because there is an exact 90 degree angle almost never.
Nevertheless, many homeowners do this work or grab something deeper in the bag and let this job done by a professional. However, this can be very expensive, so that self-making is becoming more and more the focus. If you have enough patience, you will quickly be able to lay and grout your bricks.
Laying stone slabs and grouting - the individual steps
First of all, a base is created that should be both sound and water-permeable. Particularly well suited are a layer of coarse stones and a sand bed.
This must be compacted with a vibrator, so that a high stability is given. By the way, you can borrow a suitable vibrator in many hardware stores or at a special machine rental company.
So that the way or the terrace does not become too high, in the individual case before the organization of the underground a Erdaushub must be made. Furthermore, a slight slope must be taken into account so that the rainwater can be diverted to both sides. The gradient should be one to two percent - equivalent to one meter in length one to two centimeters. If the sand bed is firmly shaken and this is a very large area, it makes sense to remove the sand bed again in the direction of fall.
As a matter of principle, breakstone slabs are not grouted because that is exactly what makes this material and laying technique so attractive. Only a mixture of sand and small grains of gravel is swept into the joints.
On the other hand, this is also associated with a regular repair. Due to the rain and possibly cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, the sand is rinsed out of the joints until at some point it is no longer there. Then new sand must be filled and distributed with a broom.
But since many people now put the stone slabs in a solid mortar bed, you can also grout with cement. However, if it is a pure sand bed, using cement is not recommended as the surface tension becomes too great.

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