Radishes for the fall

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Sow radishes for the autumn

Radishes can be sown outdoors until late September. If you want fresh radishes from your own garden in October and November, you should sow them now. Make sure you choose fast-growing varieties to make sure this is going to happen this fall. The seeds are sown in a row at a depth of not more than one centimeter. The row spacing should be at least 20 centimeters.

Radishes need sun
Although radishes generally grow in semi-shade, they need full sun in the fall. If the autumn is very sunny and dry, you can cover the plants with a fleece. When the plants rise and they are too close together, thin them out. As a result, the radishes develop better and become tastier.

Enemies of radishes
By the way, the radish fly's natural enemy, the radish fly, does not need to be feared in autumn. Make sure that you always keep the soil moist, so that the tubers do not become too sharp and woody.

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