Sweepstakes for Easter: win aluminum pans (WMF) from Mrs. Antje liquid

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Mrs. Antje liquid gives away 3 times two high-quality aluminum pans "Permadur" from WMF worth 182 euros each. Here you can take part in the raffle.

Mrs. Antje Easter competition

Mrs. Antje liquid with 50 percent of real delicious Dutch butter is the (butter) product choice for those who do not want to miss out on the delicious buttery taste when frying. Easy handling and the absence of preservatives are in addition to delicious taste further benefits of the new product. Incidentally, there is no competitor in the market that offers such a high proportion of real butter in its liquid product. They only use vegetable fats or keep the proportion of butter much smaller. Ms. Antje Flüssig can be found in the refrigerated section and is easy to portion: open the lid, put the desired amount directly into the pan - and you're done. No more fussing with grease-smeared butter foil, no waiting for the butter to soften right out of the fridge. Even cooking, baking and refining dishes succeed with the latest butter product by Frau Antje uncomplicated and fast. Mrs. Antje liquid - a wonderful extension of the existing Butterrange from Holland, consisting of "Best Butter", "Weidebutter", "Pfannenbutter" and "Mrs. Antje Leicht".

Mrs. Antje Easter competition

And to make sure that everything goes smoothly in the future, not only when it comes to flavor, Mrs. Antje Flüssig raffles three times two high quality aluminum pans "Permadur" from WMF with very good non-stick properties and ergonomically shaped, oven-proof handle in 20 cm and 28 cm diameter.
Further information: frauantje.de

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