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Once you have a closer look at his water bill and also a garden that wants to be watered all the time, you are often looking for cheaper alternatives to meet the required water needs.
One possibility is a pump to transport groundwater to daylight.
But there is another option: the rainwater cistern. A rainwater cistern is a rainwater collection bin. It may be a simple rain barrel, but there are also concrete cisterns, which are located above or below ground and in which larger amounts of rainwater can be collected.
So that really enough rainwater can be directed into the cistern, it is necessary to choose the location of the cistern so that the rainwater from the roofs of the house, the garage or a garden shed can be led into the cistern by rain gutters.
Therefore, you should not even opt for a rainwater cistern, but choose them wisely.
The factor cost at the rainwater cistern
Which rainwater cistern comes into question depends not only on the space and the structural conditions, but in many families also from the price. Since there are many different ways to realize a rainwater cistern in your own garden, there is also a solution for every budget.
The simplest method is a plastic rainwater cistern. From about 500 euros upwards you get good models, which not only consist of the pure water tank, but also have a device through which the water in the Regelwasserzisterne can be conveniently used.
However, the capacity of a plastic cistern in this price segment is quite small. It is on average just once at 1000 liters. If you opt for a concrete rainwater cistern, the costs are much higher.
Here, with a capacity of about 3500 liters of rainwater with a cost of about 1000 euros can be expected.
Further savings potential with the rainwater cistern
You can also save money by doing a lot of the work associated with installing a rainwater cistern. So you can, for example carry out the excavation itself. A small excavator can be borrowed today in many DIY stores or via special portals on the internet.
The costs for this are comparatively low, because already from around 100 euros upwards you get a small excavator already borrowed. Potential savings are also given if you have decided for a concrete rainwater cistern. Once the excavation has been completed, you can quickly build concrete walls yourself and save a lot of money.
The additional costs of a rainwater cistern
In addition to the pure acquisition costs, you should not forget the additional costs associated with a rainwater cistern. For example, an underground rainwater cistern requires a pump so that the water can also be used at the surface of the earth.
Furthermore, filters should be used, because through the gutters not only the rainwater enters the water tank, but also a lot of dirt and debris. By a suitable filter system, this dirt can be filtered out of the water immediately.
For a long time, a rainwater cistern can not only be used to irrigate your garden. There are numerous ways to use the collected rainwater for washing clothes or for toilet flushing. If such a use is also provided, however, you should contact a specialist, since in this case also the house connection must be changed.
In this case, the costs are much higher, so it should be calculated very accurately in advance, whether by catching and processing the rainwater really saves money compared to the water from the public utilities.

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