Create a raised bed - 4 advantages

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Create high beds

More and more you can see that hobby gardeners create a raised bed. Sure, because a raised bed has many advantages.

A garden is something great
A garden is something really great. Here you can let off steam. What many have in their garden is a raised bed. Maybe you have already considered whether you should not make such a bed. There are a number of advantages to such beds. What advantages that are, we have listed here for you once.

Create a raised bed - 4 advantages

  1. Raised beds are easier to work. You do not have to bend over and spare your back.
  2. Raised beds are not so prone to pests. Snails usually do not reach this height. That's why herbs, salads and vegetables are in good hands there. But watch out for voles that can dig through from below. Here you should step in during the construction. With a close-meshed wire mesh, you prevent voles from visiting the raised bed.
  3. The higher the plants are set, the more light they get.
  4. A raised bed gives the garden a new, completely different structure. You can design several floors and thus give your garden a unique ambience. A raised bed simply has charm and looks good everywhere.

And now to work
Those who are convinced of the many advantages of a raised bed should no longer hesitate and get down to work. A raised bed of jewel building blocks is quick and easy. But you should not start too late, the material to fill the raised bed together. Lumber, foliage, grass clippings and mature compost are the main ingredients of the filling. If you do not have your own compost to fill the raised bed, you will certainly get it at a low cost at the local recycling center.

Video Board: Learn the Benefits of Gardening in Raised Beds.

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