Raspberries - More yield through proper planting

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Raspberry plant yield

raspberries are sweet sweets that everyone likes. That's why they should not be missing in any garden. Raspberries are also very undemanding, like sun and otherwise need little care. Nevertheless, one can ensure that Raspberries even more yield give as they usually do. You should plant raspberries on a hill. And this is how it is done:

  1. The place where you want to plant the raspberries should be about 20 inches deep.
  2. The excavated soil is well mixed with mature compost and loosened. Instead of compost, bark humus can be taken, but it must be rotten.
  3. Now layer this mixture to about 50 centimeters at the point where they have dug the earth.
  4. The plants are now used, the roots should be about five centimeters covered with soil.
  5. Now a layer of bark humus on it and rejoice, because the raspberries flourish so excellent.
  6. Add compost annually and cover again with bark humus. And then: meal!

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