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The raspberry (Rubus idaeus) belongs to the rose family. As a garden plant, it is very popular because of its fruits. Delicious marmalade, punch or raw - the sweet fruits are always a treat. Already in the Middle Ages it was cultivated in monasteries.

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Raspberries belong to the Flachwurzlern and react equally sensitive to dryness and waterlogging; therefore always keep the plant bed mulched, preferably with mature compost, which at the same time regulates the supply of nutrients


Single-bearing: 'Rutrago', late; 'Rumiloba', late; 'Schönemann', late; 'Nootka', early; 'Himbostar', medium; 'Himbo Queen', medium. Twice-carrying: 'Zefa Herbsternte', 'Heritage', 'Autumm Bliss'. Yellow Lover: 'Amber', 'Blondie', 'Fallgold', 'Golden Queen'


The prerequisite for healthy, vigorous growth is humic, loamy, deep soil. Unsuitable are extremely heavy, compacted soils with waterlogging


Raspberries are planted in rows. The shrubs grow up to two meters high and need support. Suitable is a wire frame. The easiest way is before the planting next to the place for the first and last plant each pile firmly ramming into the ground and these to string with two wires, the lower wire should be about 1 m in height, the second at 1.60 m be attached. Tie the raspberry ribs on it. The fruits ripen on the previous year's rods, which are cut off just above the ground after harvesting. Twice-bearing varieties remain lower and sometimes do without support


When buying raspberry plants with strong shoot buds are to be preferred. Immediately after planting the existing rods cut back to about 30 cm in length, which promotes rod formation in the following year. In spring, the rods are shortened about one hand wide over the top tension wire


Before planting in October / November loosen the soil and incorporate rotted compost. Apply chloride-free whole fertilizer in spring. Lime is not tolerated


Raspberries are relatively susceptible to viruses and are often visited by as well as mites. Virus-resistant varieties are to be preferred


In our video we show you how to make delicious raspberry jam with only a little work:

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