Design rat baits - what do rats like to eat?

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Design rat baits - what do rats like to eat?: bait

So it may only be in your interest that you act against it in the form of a trap. But to succeed, you must first know which baits are suitable for rats. Linked to this is the question of the preferred diet of rats.

Choices for rat control

If you find that a rat is on your property, whether in the house or in the garden, then it means on the other hand to proceed quickly, because these animals multiply relatively leaps and bounds. On average, rats give birth to up to ten young rats a year, four times a year. The young rats, in turn, can give offspring about three months after their birth. There are four ways to fight rats:
  • live traps
  • rat poison
  • Rats gas
  • Snap traps
While looking at the internet, there are still a variety of other options, but the majority of them, due to unnecessary animal cruelty and lack of prospects of success reject. These four possibilities can be subdivided again into living and dead bodies. The greater chance of getting rid of the rat problem certainly involves dead-bodies, as it is extremely difficult to catch a rat alive. If you want to personally address this issue, you have the option of gasifying rats. This is only reserved for professionals. You can buy rat poison in almost every hardware store, but you should follow the applicable safety instructions.
As fast as a rat poison may seem, it will not be a panacea against this plague, because if you succeed in poisoning a rat, the other rats will be warned. They will then refrain from it and it will trap you so if only one rat at a time while all others survive. Therefore, it is recommended to remove dead rats properly, in order to leave no lasting mark on his conspecifics. Even with only one rat problems can occur. Rats are extremely suspicious of unknown food. Never should you underestimate rats in terms of their intelligence. Incidentally, you can not kill any rat easily. Household rats, for example, are on the list of endangered species.

Place rat trap correctly

rat droppings

A live trap normally consists of a cage into which the rats are lured by a bait. Once you enter this, it closes and the rat is trapped in it. Fall traps respond to the bait's touch. As soon as this happens, the trap snaps shut and breaks the rat's neck in the truest sense of the word. Once you have decided between a live trap or a trap, you need a suitable bait. When attaching the bait, it should be noted that this must be easily accessible to the rats. However, caution is advised, especially if you have pets, because you do not want your beloved pets to fall into the trap intended for the rats. This can also be dangerous for other people, especially if small children are nearby. So you must refrain from making it open. Finally, a rat trap with bait is placed exactly where effective rats are used. Otherwise you will miss the desired effect with the trap. So you have to know the ways of the rat. The indications for this can consist of the following:
  • Footprints
  • gnawing marks
  • excrement

favorite eating

Knowing about the right rat baits gives you the advantage that you can save a lot of time and, if necessary, also on costs. Anticipated, there is no bait that will bring you guaranteed success. In principle, rats are omnivores. The following foods have proven particularly useful as rat baits:
  • cheese
  • Meat and sausages
  • baby food
  • Sweet, especially cornflakes, peanut butter and chocolate
You can also enrich the Babybreik with gypsum. Subsequently, the rats are dealing with severe abdominal pain. Since they find it hard to determine why, they assume that it is where you are. So they finally escape. Here, however, caution is advised, because too high a dosage inevitably causes the death of rodents. A bait attracts the rats, on the other hand you are driven away by natural home remedies such as chamomile or mint, also chili peppers can help you.

Preventive action

So that no rat problem occurs at all and you do not have to worry about a suitable bait, it is necessary to consider some things preventively. This includes always properly closing the garbage.In addition, you must close existing loopholes through which these rodents could eventually get into the house. If you have pets, you should only feed them indoors. Mainly you will find rats where there is great disorder or improperly built compost heaps.
Whether you ultimately want to kill the rats with the trap or just catch them is up to you. However, if the rat has not felt addressed by any of the baits mentioned, you will probably have to entrust a professional with the removal of this problem.

Worth knowing about rat baits soon

  • Although there are also commercially available rat baits, but the rats are already familiar with these and leave them lying.
  • A much better alternative is to get rat poison from the community.
  • This is a bait that may be used only with special permission. In the trade he is not available.
  • When assigning these rat baits the name and address are noted.
  • This rat bait is a very powerful poison that also harms humans and pets.
  • This type of rat bait is a bar wrapped in protective foil.
The use is very simple: place the bait where the rats are supposed to be. It is important that neither humans, infants, and also pets can get to these bars! The protective film can be torn open a little bit, so that the rats smell the food faster. They carry off the bar, eat it and die.
However, whether the rats go there is questionable. Traps are available in different versions. One species is similar to a Mäus-Klappfalle, only much larger and stronger, the other species is a kind of cage, where the rats can be caught alive. In the case of a rat plague, it is advisable to hire the exterminator. They are professionals and have far more options than they have as an individual.

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