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Fight rats in the garden: fight

Due to the rapid increase, too many rats are at risk of rat plague.

Rats fight through garden remodeling

If you discover rats in your garden, it is likely that there is something in your garden that attracts the rats. The first thing to do is to eliminate everything that makes your garden attractive to the rats. This can be the compost when composting food leftovers should be switched to a closed compost in case of rat infestation. You should leave no food leftovers in the garden and no remains of dog, cat or bird food. Garbage accumulations in the garden provide ideal nesting opportunities for the rats, so they should be removed as well.

Help home remedies for rats?

Many home remedies are touted to drive out the rats. Almost always, these have one major drawback: if the home remedies are safe, they will not help if they help, they can usually do a lot of damage in the area (and thus the application is simply banned). So it is advised to place a mixture of chlorinated lime and vinegar in shallow bowls in the infested rooms. Rats should then leave the room because they can not stand the smell.
Even if this is the case, you run the risk of endangering family members or decimating pets, because chlorine lime is oxidizing, corrosive and dangerous to the environment. One also hears of an "arsenic butter", which on the one hand should consist only of gypsum and flour, on the other hand a part of arsenic acid. With all such mixtures highest suspicion is appropriate, for damages by unknown ingredients you are made liable in case of doubt. One can only say: steer clear of such ideas!
The expulsion of the rats by unpleasant odors (recommended mint, chamomile, oleander leaves, chili peppers, cloves, kerosene or planting the common dog tongue) may succeed. This may be a viable option for some individuals who can not reproduce in the environment due to adverse living conditions. However, if it is a rat population of advanced size, it does not really bring anything to relocate the problem to the neighbors. Also trapping in live traps to suspend the animals in rural areas is possible, but also only in non-advanced populations, so if there is no mention of an infestation.

Fight rats with poison

In larger rat populations, only sustainable control of the pest remains, which is always associated with decimation or extinction of the stock (usually with the use of rat poison). In some places, you do nothing more than notify the competent authority. Because if in the place of greater rat infestation was found, have committed to combat communities often contracts with pest control companies. This is the case, for example, in some Lower Saxon communities. Eventually, the community in this case also takes over the costs for the rat fight. As a rule, the landlord and property owner must pay for the costs of the rat elimination.
If there is no such general contract, it is your duty to fight the rats on your property. You can assign an exterminator with this task. He then takes care of the right poison and the right way to interpret it. As a rule, he also takes care of the disposal of the poison and the dead rats, for which also certain rules apply. The prices for a pest control start at about 200, - Euro.
However, you are not always required to hire a third party company. If you lay out rat poison yourself and buy bait boxes and bait, you can get by on a fraction of the sum. However, you must familiarize yourself with current regulations before you expose rat poison.
After successful control, all remains of rodents such as urine and feces should be removed. Please use caution, faeces and urine may also contain pathogens. So protective clothing is required, the cleaned surface and the cleaning equipment must then be disinfected with a suitable agent. Subsequently, sprayed vinegar helps to expel the smell of excrement. This odor removal is not only a relief, but also necessary because the urine could attract conspecifics. According to the regulations around the rat poison you can still be obliged to further measures. For example, it may be the removal of construction defects that favor the settlement of rats or the closure of gullies.

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