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Warm tones dominate throughout the year. In autumn, the play of colors is particularly impressive. The large perennials and shrubs are easy to care for and make the front garden seem generous. Two witches nuts show their yellow autumn leaves, in February they attract attention with red flowers. In the left corner grows the dogwood 'Winter Beauty'. After dropping his foliage, he shows his bright red branches. The Amberbaum stands on the property boundary, so he does not take up too much space in the front yard. Note that the neighbor must agree.

The Chinese "Gracillimus" in front of the kitchen window blooms late - in October and November - but foliage and flowers remain attractive until spring. The giant goatee is also one of the expansive perennials. He is therefore in second row. He opens his buds in June and July. At the same time the petite lady's mantle blooms in the first row. From July, the sun bride will ensure that the garden lights up coppery red. In September, the autumn chrysanthemums set the tone with their yellow flowers. The fire red colored spurge 'Fireglow' is a good supplement. The entrance to the garden is marked by two pale yellow David Austin roses, which bloom from early summer to autumn and smell beguiling.

Planting plan and shopping list

Planting plan for the autumnal front yard

The planting plan for our autumnal front yard

1) Amberbaum 'Oktoberglut' (Liquidambar styraciflua), dwarf variety, red autumn color, 2-3 m wide, 3-5 m high, 1 piece, 50 €
2) Red dogwood 'Winter Beauty' (Cornus sanguinea), white flowers in May / June, shoots reddish, up to 4 m high, 1 piece, 10 €
3) Witch hazel 'Diane' (Hamamelis x intermedia), red flowers in February, yellow-red autumn color, up to 1.5 m high, 2 pieces, 60 €
4) Climbing Rose 'The Pilgrim Climbing', filled, yellow flowers from May to October, climbs to 2.5 m height, 2 pieces, 45 €
5) Miscanthus 'Gracillimus' (Miscanthus sinensis), silvery flowers in October and November, 150 cm high, 1 piece, 5 €
6) Large Honeysuckle 'Horatio' (Aruncus Aethusifolius hybrid), white flowers in June and July, 150 cm high, 6 pieces, 35 €
7) Himalayan spurge 'Fireglow' (Euphorbia griffithii), orange flowers from April to July, 80 cm high, 6 pieces, 30 €
8) Petite Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla epipsila), green-yellow flowers in June and July, 25 cm high, 20 pieces, 55 €
9) Sunbraut 'Baudirektor Linne' (Helenium hybrid), copper-red flowers from July to September, 140 cm high, 6 pieces 30 €
10) Autumn Chrysanthemum 'Bienchen' (Chrysanthemum indicum hybrid), yellow flowers from September to November, 100 cm high, 6 pieces, 20 €
(All prices are average prices, which may vary depending on the provider)

Himalayan Spurge 'Fireglow'

Himalayan Spurge Fireglow

The Himalayan spurge Fireglow impresses at the end of the season with their fire-red leaves

The Himalayan milkweed impresses from spring to autumn: Even at the shoot their bracts are colored orange. At the end of the season her entire foliage shines fire-red. It grows in sunny and partially shaded places, the soil should be nutrient-rich and not too dry. Plant 'Fireglow' best in the spring and protect it with a leaf layer in the first winter. The perennial becomes 80 cm high.

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