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Three Edelrosen are the centerpiece in this front garden bed: left and right is the yellow 'Landora', in the middle of the cream yellow 'Ambiente'. Both varieties are recommended by the General German Rose Novelty Testing as resistant. Also in yellow is the yarrow 'Coronation Gold', which blooms from July to September. Even over the winter, their umbels are beautiful to look at.

In the complementary color violet, the honorary prize 'Dark Martje' will be raising its candles from June, and the phlox 'Blue Paradise' will join in July. His blue is most intense in the morning and evening. The large leaves of the Goldrand Funkie 'Wide Brim' are a calming point between the many flowers. At the foot change the delicate lady's coat and the hanging pad bluebell. Both show their flowers in June and July, the lady's mantle in fresh green yellow, the bellflower in purple. After flowering, both are cut back, the bellflower forms new buds. Bluebells also grow at the foot of the Clematis 'Burma Star', which grows up next to the front door of an obelisk. It enchants with deep purple flowers twice a year.

Planting plan Rosary front yard

The planting plan for our design idea

Planting plan and shopping list

1) Edelrose 'Landora', heavily filled yellow flowers, light scent, 80 cm high, recommended by ADR, 1 piece, 10 €
2) Edelrose 'Ambiente', heavily filled cream yellow flowers, 80 cm high, recommended by ADR, 1 piece, 10 €
3) Clematis 'Burma Star' (Clematis hybrid), dark purple flowers in May / June, August / September, up to 200 cm high, 1 piece, 10 €
4) Honorary Award 'Dark Martje' (Veronica longifolia), violet-blue flowers in June and July, up to 70 cm high, 10 pieces, 30 €
5) Dainty lady's mantle (Alchemilla epipsila), greenish yellow flowers in June and July, 30 cm high, 27 pieces, 70 €
6) Yarrow 'Coronation Gold' (Achillea filipendulina), yellow flowers from July to September, 70 cm high, 11 pieces, 30 €
7) Campanula bellflower (Campanula poscharskyana), light purple flowers in June / July and September, 20 cm high, 20 pieces, 40 €
8) Phlox 'Blue Paradise' (Phlox paniculata), blue-violet flowers in July and August, 100 cm high, 7 pieces, 25 €
9) Goldrand Funkie 'Wide Brim' (Hosta hybrid), light purple flowers from June to August, flowers 60 cm high, 9 pieces, 40 €
(All prices are average prices, which may vary depending on the provider)

Honorary Award 'Dark Martje' (Veronica longifolia)

Honorary Award 'Dark Martje' (Veronica longifolia)

Ehrenpreis: flower candles in deep dark blue

In June and July, the award-winning variety 'Dark Martje' presents its impressive dark blue flowers. If one removes blooms regularly, one can extend the bloom time by many weeks. The long candles form a nice contrast to round flowers like those of edelrose or yarrow. Veronica longifolia 'Dark Martje' is about 70 centimeters high. The perennial likes nutrient-rich, slightly moist soil and a place in the full sun.

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