For replanting: A colorful carpet from spring bloomers

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With its elegant hanging crown makes the pasture in the winter a good figure. As temperatures rise, the all-male strain shows its bright yellow kitten. The Skimmie in the middle of the bed is a true winter star: The evergreen wood decorates in the cold season with dark red buds, from April, the almost white flower clusters are seen. The diamond grass still bears its autumnal-yellow leaves and flowers. Both in the bed and in the vase it is very durable. Before the ornamental grass shoots out in the spring, you should cut it back.
The floor is covered with Chilean ornamental strawberry and cushion purple bells. The latter shows pink flower spikes from May to July. With its two-colored foliage, it also sets accents in winter. The ornamental strawberry also forms a uniformly green carpet, which changes in the spring thanks to bulb flowers to the sea of ​​flowers: First, the snowdrops out, followed by the crocus 'Ruby Giant'. When it opens wide the winter sun, its bright center becomes visible. The daffodil 'February Gold' is very small at 25 cm, but also flowers in February.

Planting plan for a colorful flower carpet

The planting plan for our design idea

Planting plan and shopping list

1) hanging willow 'Pendula' (Salix caprea), yellow flowering catkins in March and April, 1.50 m high, 1 piece 15 €
2) Skimmie 'Rubella' (Skimmia japonica), creamy white flowers in April and May, up to 90 cm high and wide, 1 piece 10 €
3) Diamondgrass (Calamagrostis brachytricha), silvery-pink flowers from September to November, 70-100 cm high, 2 pieces 10 €
4) Cushion-purple bells 'Rosalie' (Heucherella alba), pink flowers from May to July, evergreen, 30 cm high, 5 pieces 20 €
5) Chilean ornamental strawberry 'Chaval' (Fragaria chiloensis), white flowers in June / July, 10 cm high, evergreen, 30 pieces € 75
6) Narcissus 'February Gold' (Narcissus cyclamineus), yellow flowers from Feb., 25 cm high, 50 onions (autumn planting season) 20 €
7) Crocus 'Ruby Giant' (Crocus tommasinianus), purple flowers in Feb./March, 10-15 cm high, 30 bulbs (autumn planting season) 10 €
8) Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis), white flowers in February / March, 10 cm high, wild, 50 onions (autumn planting season) 15 €
(All prices are average prices, which may vary depending on the provider)

Beautiful foliage for sunny places

Ornamental strawberry

The Chilean ornamental strawberry (Fragaria chiloense 'Chaval') is an attractive, evergreen groundcover

The ornamental strawberry is a good groundcover for sunny and partially shaded locations. On its three-part foliage you can clearly see the relationship to the strawberry, the ornamental strawberry blooms but rarely and does not produce any fruit. But their shiny leaves are beautiful throughout the winter. The plant is about 15 inches high and covers the withering leaves of small bulb flowers.

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