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The site is terraced with large natural stones that also serve as seats. So that the plants in the rock garden feel good, the soil is mixed with gravel. By a final gravel layer you can move comfortably between the big stones. In addition to the lush flowering copper pear, the Bergenien 'evening bells' will be a highlight in April. Even in winter, they are attractive, because then their leaves turn bright red. Together with the Bergenien bloom two upholstery perennials, the blue cudgel 'blue tit' and the yellow stone herb 'Compactum'.

In May, the flowering of the cranesbill 'Berggarten' begins, its leaves are nicely colored in autumn. The Star Cushion Bellflower will follow in June. She likes to spread in the joints. Both perennials are characterized by their long flowering time like the early autumn anemone 'Praecox'. The latter grows to a height of 70 centimeters and blooms from July to September in pink. The Aster 'Violet Queen' joins in August. Between the round poles grows the garden riding grass 'Karl Foerster'. It blooms from June to August and closes with a height of 150 centimeters the gaps.

Planting plan and shopping list

Planting plan for a fire place in the rock garden

Planting plan for a rock garden with fire place

1) Copper rock pear (Amelanchier lamarckii), white flowers in April, up to 4 m high and 3 m wide, 1 piece, 10 €
2) Bergenie 'evening bells' (Bergenia), pink flowers in April and May, 40 cm high, 9 pieces, 35 €
3) Blue pillow 'Blue tit' (Aubrieta), purple flowers in April and May, 10 cm high, 4 pieces, 15 €
4) 'Compactum' (Alyssum saxatile), yellow flowers in April and May, 20 cm high, 8 pieces, 20 €
5) Campanula garganica, bluish purple flowers from June to August, 15 cm high, 9 pieces, 30 €
6) Early autumn anemone 'Praecox' (Anemone hupehensis), pink flowers from July to September, 70 cm high, 9 pieces, 30 €
7) Cranesbill 'Berggarten' (Geranium x cantabrigiense), pink flowers from May to July, 30 cm high, 17 pieces, 40 €
8) Aster 'Violet Queen' (Aster amellus), purple flowers from August to October, 60 cm high, 10 pieces, 30 €
9) Garden riding grass 'Karl Foerster' (Calamagrostis x acutiflora), silvery-pink flowers from June to August, 150 cm high, 3 pieces, 15 €
(All prices are average prices, which may vary depending on the provider.)

Blue cushion Aubrieta

What would a rock garden be without the blue cushion (Aubrieta)! As early as April, the easy-care upholstery plant impresses with its spectacular fullness of flowers

Attractive upholstery in beds and rockeries

Blue cushions can grow as compact cushions in the bed or can be painterly suspended from masonry or raised beds. Their early and abundant flowering in April makes them popular shrubs - gardeners and butterflies alike. Even in winter, the evergreen cushions are pretty to look at. Ideal is a sunny place with well drained soil. After flowering, the pads are cut back a few inches.

Video Board: Kräuterspirale.

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