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Grape hyacinths and the tulip 'White Marvel' bloom in white, the higher tulip 'Flaming Coquette' joins a little later with a yellow hint. The horn violets have already opened their buds and dive the Beetrand and the gaps between the small shrubs in yellow. While the tall wolf milk 'Tall Boy' flowers together with the onion flowers, the milkweed lasts for another month until it reaches its stately size of 130 centimeters and opens its likewise green-yellow flowers.

Yarrow and manure are still small in April, they reach full height only in summer: the yarrow decorates in June, July and after pruning again in September with white umbels. The autumn blossom should be left as a winter decoration. The ivory thistle opens its flowers in July and presents its silvery foliage. Her sculptural growth gives the bedding structure into the winter. The blue beach grass in the middle of the bed picks up the foliage color with its bluish leaves. So that it still blooms at the end of the season, there are three autumn chrysanthemums in the bed. From September they are blooming in cream yellow.

Planting plan and shopping list

Planting planter in bright tones

Planting plan for a flowerbed in light tones

1) Blue beachgrass (Ammophila breviligulata), silvery flowers from August to October, bluish leaves, 120 cm high, 1 piece; 5 €
2) Tall spurge (Euphorbia soongarica), yellow-green flowers from May to July, 130 cm tall, 2 pieces; 10 €
3) Yarrow 'Heinrich Vogeler' (Achillea filipendulina hybrid), white flowers in June, July and September, 80 cm high, 4 pieces; 15 €
4) Horn violet 'Beshlie' (Viola cornuta), pale yellow flowers from April to August, 20 cm high, 24 pieces, from seed; 5 €
5) 'Tall Boy' cypress spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias), yellow-green flowers in April and May, 35 cm high, 7 pieces; 25 €
6) Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum White Bouquet (Chrysanthemum hybrid), cream yellow flowers in September / October, 100 cm high, 3 pieces; 15 €
7) Ivory thistle (Eryngium giganteum), silvery flowers in July and August, 80 cm high, 3 pieces; 15 €
8) Grape hyacinth 'Album' (Muscari azureum), white flowers in March and April, 35 cm high, 100 onions; 35 €
9) Tulip 'Flaming Coquette' (Tulipa), white-yellow flowers in April and May, 50 cm high, 20 pieces; 10 €
10) Tulip 'White Marvel' (Tulipa), white flowers in April, 35 cm high, 25 pieces; 10 €
(All prices are average prices, which may vary depending on the provider.)

Ornamental grass with blue foliage

Blue beachgrass (Ammophila breviligulata)

Blue beachgrass (Ammophila breviligulata)

As the name suggests, the Blue Marram Grass loves a sunny spot and dry, sandy soil. He also copes with nutrient-rich soil, but it is important that he is permeable. He becomes up to 130 centimeters high and grows contrary to the ordinary beach oats horstig, thus forms no foothills. From August to October he shows his picturesque overhanging flower spikes.

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