For replanting: A spring bed for the front yard

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The gray sorrel border is leafy even in winter and has yellow flowers in July and August. The wall is shrouded by the ivy all year round in green. Against the dark background, the delicate yellow flowers of the bell hazel are particularly evident. At the same time, daffodils and crocuses bloom, which go well with their yellow tones. Over time, they form larger stocks in the bed. In addition to the bell hazel, the rosettes of two red hollyhocks can be seen. In just a few months, they will produce flowering plants that are almost two meters high. Unlike most other varieties, 'Mars Magic' is long lasting.

The rolling spurge holds its position even in winter and shows its bluish leaves. It is already blossoming in light yellow in May. Steppe Sage, Purple Widow Flower and Blood Grass are just starting to spring out of the ground. The purple widow flower 'Mars Midget' is a true perennial that shows its flower balls from June to October. In June and September, the steppe sage 'Caradonna' with dark purple flowers completes the picture. The Japanese blood grass does not bloom, but convinces from the summer with red leaf tips.

Plant plan semicircular spring bed

The planting plan for our design idea

Planting plan and shopping list

1) Bellhasel (Corylopsis pauciflora), pale yellow flowers in March and April, 1-1.5 m tall and wide, 1 piece, 20 €
2) Ivy (Hedera helix), evergreen, climbs with sticky roots, here 2 m high and wide, 3 pieces, 5 €
3) Gray sorrel (Santolina chamaecyparissus), yellow flowers in July and August, evergreen, 30 cm high, 19 pieces, 50 €
4) Hollyhock 'Mars Magic' (Alcea hybrid), red flowers from June to September, 180 cm high, 2 pieces, 10 €
5) Rolling Spurge (Euphorbia myrsinites), yellow flowers in May and June, evergreen, 20 cm high, 6 pieces, 20 €
6) Steppe sage 'Caradonna' (Salvia nemorosa), dark purple flowers in June and September, 50 cm high, 6 pieces, 20 €
7) Japanese bluegrass (Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron'), from summer red leaf tips, 40 cm high, 8 pieces, 35 €
8) Purple Scabious 'Mars Midget' (Knautia macedonica) Red flowers from June to October, 40 cm high, 3 pieces, 10 €
9) Narcissus 'Ice Follies' (Narcissus hybrid), pale yellow flowers in March and April, 40 cm high, 20 bulbs, 10 €
10) Crocus 'Goldilocks' (Crocus hybrid), yellow flowers in February and March, 10 cm high, wild, 40 onions, 5 €

Santas: Sunbathers with aromatic foliage

Gray holy herb

Gray holy herb (Santolina chamaecyparissus)

The gray holy herb loves warm, sunny places with permeable, rather lean soil. Its deciduous shrub also retains over the winter. It is cut tolerant and therefore well suited as bedding border. From July he also scores with yellow flowers. In mild regions, the holy herb grows easily. If it gets cold in winter, it should be protected with brushwood from frost and winter sun.

Video Board: How to Plant a Shrub.

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