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On both sides of a stable rank bend, Blauregen winds up and transforms the steel framework into a fragrant blossom cascade in May and June. At the same time, the fragrant flower opens its buds - as the name reveals with magnificent Odeur. The evergreen shrub is cut into balls and offers the garden owner a beautiful sight even in winter. The ornamental 'Lucy Ball' resumes the round shape. Its flower balls stand on up to a meter high stems. After flowering, they enrich the bed as green sculptures.

Since the leaves of the ornamental onion already turn yellow during flowering, the bulbous flowers are underplanted with the large anemone. It covers the leaves and forms a white carpet of flowers under the ornamental-bubble-balls. With its foothills, it spreads gradually in the garden. Other than the name suggests, it thrives well in the sun. The grape hyacinth is another spring flower with spreading urgency. If you leave them, it will eventually form handsome carpets with pretty blue flowers in April and May.

Planting plan and shopping list

Planting plan for a fragrant reception at the garden gate

Planting plan for a fragrant reception at the garden gate

1) Spring scented blossom (Osmanthus burkwoodii), white flowers in May, cut into balls of 120/80/60 cm, 4 pieces, 80 €
2) Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis), fragrant blue flowers in May and June, winds up at Rankbogen, 2 pieces, 30 €
3) Large Anemone sylvestris, fragrant white flowers in May and June, 30 cm high, 10 pieces, 25 €
4) 'Lucy Ball' (Allium), violet-blue, 9 cm large flower balls in May and June, 100 cm high, 17 pieces, 45 €
5) Grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum), blue flowers in April and May, 20 cm high, 70 pieces, 15 €
(All prices are average prices, which may vary depending on the provider)

Great anemone: Delicate beauty from native forests

Great anemone (Anemone sylvestris)

The Great Anemone (Anemone sylvestris) is insensitive to soil dryness. It grows in shady spots under trees and flowers from May

The Great Anemone loves calcareous, rather dry soil and thrives in both the sun and partial shade. Where it pleases, it spreads through runners, but does not become annoying. It reaches a height of 30 centimeters. In May and June, the perennial opens its delicate fragrant flowers, if you're lucky, they reappear in the fall. Apart are also the wooly seeds.

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