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The white thorns prove their versatility in this garden: The cut-compatible plum-leaved hawthorn surrounds the garden as a hedge. It blooms in white and uses countless red fruits. The True Rotdorn 'Paul's Scarlet' is a great tree for small gardens. In May and June it is richly decorated with dark pink flowers. Both species later come up with a nice autumn color. The cranesbill 'Silverwood', which scores with a long flowering period from June to October, grows in the shade of the hawthorn.

In June, the hat also opens its buds. The seeds are left over the winter as vertical structures in the bed. The pink star thimble 'Roma' flowers at the same time. If you cut her back, she rewards her with a second pile in September. The candlelight-knotweed is particularly enduring with flowers from July to October. The autumn anemone is in no way inferior. The historic variety shows its large white flowers from late August to late autumn. It is extremely vital and stable, the Staudensichtung therefore awarded the grade "excellent".

Planting garden corner

The planting plan for our design idea

Planting plan and shopping list

1) Real hawthorn 'Paul's Scarlet' (Crataegus laevigata), filled dark pink flowers in May and June, no fruit, high stem, up to 6 m high and 4 m wide, 1 piece, 150 €
2) Plum-leaved hawthorn (Crataegus x prunifolia), white flowers in May and June, many red fruits, 25 pieces, 90 €
3) yew (Taxus baccata), evergreen, cut into spheres of 50 cm diameter, 4 pieces, 60 €
4) Cranesbill 'Silverwood' (Geranium nodosum), white flowers from June to October, 30 cm high, 15 pieces, 60 €
5) Autumn anemone 'Honorine Jobert' (Anemone Japonica hybrid), white flowers from August to October, 110 cm high, 9 pieces, 30 €
6) Blue mountain monkshood (Aconitum napellus), blue flowers in June and July, 120 cm high, 8 pieces, 30 €
7) Candle Knotweed 'Inverleith' (Bistorta amplexicaulis), magenta flowers from July to October, 80 cm high, 8 pieces, 35 €
8) Star dagger 'Roma' (Astrantia major), pink flowers in June, July and September, 50 cm high, 8 pieces, 45 €
(All prices are average prices, which may vary depending on the provider.)

Knotweed Bistorta amplexicaulis

Knotweed (Bistorta amplexicaulis) does not bloom until late, but until frost

Knotweed: Perennial with remote effect

The candle knotweed (Bistorta amplexicaulis) has heart-shaped leaves, over which from August to October 80 centimeters long, magenta-colored flower candles stand. You can see them from afar. The perennial likes a sunny to slightly shady place and nutrient-rich, not too dry ground. In winter she enjoys a protective layer of compost or foliage. At least 50 inches of space you should treat each copy.

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