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A modern garden has to fulfill many functions today. Of course he should provide a home to many plants, but at the same time be an extended living space. These requirements are reflected in our design idea for imitation. Behind the sofas grows - bordered by a rhizome barrier - the bamboo 'Elegantissimus'. Opposite grow four panicle hydrangeas 'Vanilla Fraise'. From July, the trees show large white flower spikes, which turn pink until autumn. The bed between the terrace and the house is divided into rectangles to match the path plates. In addition to the water basin stand gold sedge and Bergenie. The latter already blooms in April. The rest of the year convinces with attractive, large leaves. Even the orange flowering Himalayan spurge 'Fireglow Dark' is early. In autumn, it has its second appearance with fiery-red foliage color.

The daylily 'Crimson Pirate' flowers red from June, but contributes its grassy foliage early in the year. The sun hat 'Goldsturm' replaces it in August. Together with him, the two autumn scented flowers 'Variegatus' open their white, aromatic flowers. The shrubs with the bright leaf margins are decorated and serve the small garden as a characterful miniature trees. Among them, the yellow-flowered carpet-Hungarian-spice is spreading. The two-tone tulip 'Fly Away', which grows in between, is also in bloom in May.

Planting plan and shopping list

Planting plan for a modern home garden

Planting plan for a modern home garden

1) Autumn scented flower 'Variegatus' (Osmanthus heterophyllus), white flowers in Sept./Oct., Up to 2.5 m high, 2 pieces, 150 €
2) panicle hydrangea 'Vanilla Fraise' (Hydrangea paniculata), white flowers from July-November, up to 1.5 m tall and wide, 4 pieces, 60 €
3) Bamboo 'Elegantissimus' (Pleioblastus chino), green-white striped foliage, planted in rhizome barrier, 1 to 2 m high, 4 pieces, 30 €
4) Gold margin sedge 'Gold Fountains' (Carex dolichostachya), brownish flowers in May and June, 40 cm high, 27 pieces, 110 €
5) Hungarian Magenta (Waldsteinia ternata), yellow flowers in April and May, 10 cm high, 30 pieces, 75 €
6) Himalayan spurge 'Fireglow Dark' (Euphorbia griffithii), orange flowers in April and May, 80 cm high, 6 pieces, 30 €
7) Sunhat 'Goldsturm' (Rudbeckia fulgida var. Sullivantii), yellow flowers from August to October, 70 cm high, 5 pieces, 15 €
8) Daylily 'Crimson Pirate' (Hemerocallis), red flowers from June to August, 70 cm high, 9 pieces, 35 €
9) Bergenie 'Bressingham White' (Bergenia cordifolia), white flowers in April and May, 30 cm high, 9 pieces, 40 €
10) Tulip 'Fly Away' (Tulipa), red flowers with yellow margin in May, 50 cm high, 50 onions, 25 €
(All prices are average prices, which may vary depending on the provider.)

An ornamental grass like a green fountain

Gold Rim Sedge 'Gold Fountains'

Gold Rim Sedge 'Gold Fountains' (Carex dolichostachya)

With its bright leaf margins, the golden margin sedge 'Gold Fountains' is an eye-catcher in the perennial border. In mild regions, it is evergreen and gives the garden structure even in winter. She likes it half-shady, coping with damp soil but also in the sun. The sedge blooms in May and June and is about 50 inches high. If it spreads too much, you have to put the spade in its place.

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