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The hornbeam hedge is a beautiful background for the perennial flowerbed in purple and pink. The wavy cut provides views into the environment and does not leave boredom. In front of the hedge the large perennials show their blossoms starting from June. The long violet candles of the Kandelaber Ehrenpreis make an exciting contrast to the light flowering clouds of the meadow rue. When they have faded, the time has come for the white autumn anemone. The robust wild species is stable and rich in blood, which is why it was rated "very good" in the Staudensichtung.

In the shade of the sweetgum, the small pink China Astilbe 'Finale' flowers in August and September. In addition, the Pfauenradfarn shows its fan-shaped leaves. At the sunny Beetrand opens from July the star thumbler her pink flowers. If you cut them back afterwards, they will bloom again in September. Even the small iron hat has its appearance in the summer and raises its dark blue flowers between the other perennials in the air. When most plants start hibernating, the Smooth Aster is in full bloom.

Planting plan and shopping list

Planting plan for a seat under the Amberbaum

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Sweetgum tree, starfish tree

Sweetgum tree, starfish tree

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The planting plan for the seat under the sweetgum

1) Amberbaum 'Gumball' (Liquidambar styraciflua), spherical tree, 2 m wide, 4 m high, 1 piece, 200 €
2) hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), hedge, cut in wave form, 1.5 to 2.5 m high, bare root, 25 pieces, 40 €
3) Star dagger 'Roma' (Astrantia major), old pink flowers in June and July, after-flowering in September, 50 cm high, 5 pieces, 30 €
4) Small mountain-iron-hat 'Little Knight' (Aconitum napellus), blue-purple flowers from May to July, 60 to 90 cm high, 8 pieces, 35 €
5) Smooth aster (Aster laevis), light blue flowers in October and November, 120 cm high, 5 pieces, 15 €
6) Candelabra Honorary Award 'Lavender Tower' (Veronicastrum virginicum), purple flowers from June to August, 190 cm high, 3 pieces, 15 €
7) Large meadow rue (Thalictrum polygonum), white flowers in June and July, 150 to 180 cm high, 4 pieces, 20 €
8) Anemone (Anemone hupehensis f. Alba), white flowers from August to October, 130 cm high, 6 pieces, 20 €
9) China Astilbe 'Finale' (Astilbe-Chinensis hybrid), pink flowers in August and September, 40 cm high, 8 pieces, 25 €
10) Peacock fern (Adiantum pedatum), orange sprouting, liming, 40 to 50 cm high, 5 pieces, 25 €
(All prices are average prices, which may vary depending on the provider)

Smooth aster: flowers in November

Smooth Aster laevis 'Calliope'

Because of its late flowering, the smooth Aster 'Calliope' (Aster laevis) is particularly valuable. From October to November, the violet-blue flowers glow in the perennial flowerbed

With its countless small flowers, the smooth aster gives the bed a natural character. The bright color stands out wonderfully from the dark, reddish foliage. It opens its buds until November and welcomes the cold season unflinchingly. She gets along and settles in difficult places. The aster gets along in the sun or partial shade, the soil should not be too rich in nutrients. It reaches a height of 120 centimeters.

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