Recessed luminaire - advantages of LED & halogen

The Content Of The Article: A space can have very different effects on the human condition through the influence of light and shadow.
Depending on whether soft or hard, white or colored light, indirect or direct light sources prevail, whether punctual accents or holistic lighting was used to brighten the room, you feel different.
Recessed luminaires and their applications
Therefore, when setting up a room you should think about the choice of the light source, its location and its kind. The various types of pendant, fixed, wall or other luminaires include the recessed luminaires. For them, the light source - usually LED or halogen light - built into a surface. This can be about a wooden panel, a suspended ceiling, a light strip made of plastic, but also stone.
For example, recessed luminaires can also serve as lighting for the entrance to the yard or in the garden for the accentuated illumination of striking shrubs, statues or trees. LEDs and halogens in recessed luminaires clearly show their advantages over conventional lamps. On the one hand, LEDs - the abbreviation stands for Light Emitting Diode, in German light-emitting diodes - maintenance-free. That means who for the recessed lights
LEDs are used in the driveway, and there is almost no need to worry about replacing and maintaining the lights.
Advantages of LEDs
LEDs have
In addition, a very long life, which exceeds the life of conventional "light bulbs" a lot. This is partly because the material has to endure less heat radiation because LEDs are not as hot as conventional "bulbs". LEDs are also very small, need little space and are also very robust. Shaking hardly bothers them.
Important even in times of high and rising electricity costs: They have a low energy consumption.
Comparison with halogen lights
Halogen lights also offer decisive advantages in the installation area. On the one hand, they are up to 50 percent brighter than conventional bulbs, making them particularly suitable for use as accentuating spotlights. If you do not like it so much, you can also connect halogen lights with a dimmer and thus diminish the light. Another important difference to "light bulbs" is that halogen produces a whiter and more brilliant light.
So if you want to illuminate a painting colorfast, should use halogen spots. However, after some time, a halogen lamp gets quite hot, which is a disadvantage compared to LED.

Video Board: Ultra-flat LED recessed spotlights.

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