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Echinacea purpurea - a plant that everyone should have in the garden. And not too little of that. Here's why it explains how you can multiply the Red Coneflower.

Red sun hat

It blooms bright pink, has become an integral part of the German gardens and is above all one thing: a wonderful remedy for colds. The red sun hat can also strengthen the immune system and contribute to the better healing of injuries. No wonder that pretty much everybody wants to have the red sun hat in the garden. Reading tip: Red sun hat - cultivation and care.

However, a plant alone is often insufficient for most people, which is why they want to multiply it. You usually have three options. In addition to the conventional propagation from seeds also come through the propagation by division and the cultivation of cuttings in question. You just have to try out which variant you like best.

So you can multiply the Red Coneflower

❃ Option 1 - Propagation by seeds:

➤ Best time for this multiplication option: spring

If you opt for this form of reproduction, you must be very careful with the seedlings, because they are very delicate and sensitive. However, before sowing, it is first necessary to let the seeds soak in water. Between March and July you can sow them in a bowl filled with soil. The distance between the individual seeds should then be one to two centimeters. Cover with light soil only, place in a warm room with temperatures around 20 degrees and make sure that the soil is always moist.

First, the roundish cotyledons appear. Only then does the formation of the actual leaves begin. Once these are developed, the seedlings are allowed to move into flowerpots. After about six to eight weeks, the plantlets should then have reached a height of 10 to 20 cm and have formed several leaf pairs. Then you can place the plantlets in the field. Please keep a distance of about 30 cm between the plants.


In the field, the sun hat should only when no late frosts are expected, so at the end of April / early May at the earliest. It is also important that you put the plants in a deep soil, because the red sun hat get neither waterlogging nor dryness very well.

❃ Option 2 - Multiplication by division:

➤ Best time for this multiplication option: autumn

If you already have a well-developed, strong red sun hat in the garden, you do not need to buy seeds if you want to multiply the plant. Finally, you can share the sun hat. To do this, carefully lift the plant out of the ground with a grave fork and divide it into two or more pieces (depending on how abundant it is). Then plant the parts again, keeping a minimum distance of 40 cm.


If the plants are still quite young and have very filigree roots, it is better if you do not share the plants with a spade or a knife, but prefer to pull them apart by hand.

❃ Option 3 - propagation through cuttings:

➤ Best time for this multiplication option: late summer

Also an increase by cuttings is possible with the red sun hat. In addition, in late summer, take a closer look at the flower stems and pick those that have at least three pairs of leaves and do not bloom. Then cut off these flower stalks and place them in a layer of potting soil about three centimeters high. Then sprinkle properly.

It takes about six weeks for the roots to develop sufficiently. Then you can put each plantlet in a flower pot. After seven days, then cut the shoot tips very carefully, then it goes into hibernation. During this time you should put the pots in a place where it is neither too cold nor too warm. In addition, the earth must never dry out. By spring, strong seedlings should have developed, which may then move outdoors.

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