Red pustules on trees

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The red pustules are a fungal disease

It always happens that one red pustules on trees or shrubs finds. It is a fungal disease called Nectria.

Dead branches are affected first
Although it does not seem to be particularly dangerous, you should act fast. Because the fungus attacks as the first branches that are already dead, but then works fast on healthy areas. Especially when the plant is weakened, the fungus has easy game. He attacks the branches of wounds found in the bark.

Cutting off an infected branch - but not on the compost!
If one discovers such red pustules on its trees, only one thing helps: Cut off the affected branch and put it into the biological waste. Never on the compost, because here spread the fungal spores and so can get back into the circulation. If several branches are already affected, all must be cut off. If necessary, also radical. If the bush or tree is otherwise healthy, it will drive out again. Nectria most commonly infests fruit trees, maples and currants.


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