Cutting a red thorn - that's how it's done!

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As far as the cut is concerned, the hawthorn is quite straightforward. You can decide for yourself whether it should be a shape cut or hedge trimming.

Cutting a red thorn

The hawthorn needs a location in the garden, where it can develop freely. The plants not only bloom exceptionally lush, they also grow quickly and can be more than five feet high and go over two meters in width. Not every hobby gardener will be able to provide the greenhouse with this space requirement. To ensure that the hawthorn retains its shape and size can be controlled, regular cutting measures are necessary. In addition, the flexible plants are also suitable for the shape cut.

Rotdorn easy to clean and easy to shape

First, you should agree on whether you prefer to call a shrub or a tree in the future. With the appropriate cutting measures, rookery can be cultivated as a tree, as well as a shrub.

Already during the planting the later dimensions of the plant are to be considered. Older plants can no longer be planted without risk because the long taproots can not be lifted out of the ground without damage. At the site itself, annual cutting measures can ensure that the plants do not grow over your head and retain the desired shape.

What to watch out for when cutting thornbush

First, there is the all-clear, because the plants are very good cut compatible. If and how often you should cut, you can almost decide for yourself. Every year the hawthorn grows about 70 centimeters in height. It not only grows in height but also in width. If this was not included in the planting, only the pruning helps.

The regular cut of the plants serves primarily to achieve a dense and compact growth habit. A distinction is made whether it is a plant in individual position or a hedge. Cutting measures may also be necessary if diseases or pest infestations have weakened the plant.

Rotdorn cut - but how?

The focus is on maintaining the compact growth habit of the hawthorn. In addition, experienced hobby gardeners can also practice in the form of cutting and cultivating their hawthorn, for example, in the form of a cone or a pyramid. However, it often happens that the flower buds are removed, which are located on the longer, perennial shoots.

➔ Tip: The shape cut should be done in summer, immediately after flowering.

The hawthorn drives flowers only on older shoots. If radically cut back, this does not harm the plant, but will result in no flowers in the following year. Flowers only appear from the biennial wood.

Shape or blossom - prioritize

The hawthorn initially grows rather cone-shaped. Older plants appear rather roundish. For the formation of a spherical crown a regular cut is necessary. However, this inevitably leads to the flower buds being removed frequently. These form on the older, the longer shoots, which stand in the way of the spherical shape. Here it is, then, set priorities and look forward to either the rich flowering or the attractive spherical shape of the hawthorn.

Which cuts are possible?

  • topiary
  • preservation section
  • care section

Special features of the individual cutting measures

cutting measureparticularity
topiary▶ If the hawthorn is to have a special shape that deviates from its natural habit, a shape cut will be necessary.
▶ The plant can be shaped into a pyramid or a cone with some patience.
▶ A shape cut is to be carried out regularly and is at the expense of the flowers, which are often removed.
preservation section▶ The conservation section is used to work out and maintain the natural growth habit.
▶ In doing so, plants that are too dense or branches that grow inwards are removed.
care section▶ A care cut is usually the last salvation for the plant, namely when it is affected by diseases or pests. and can only be saved if all affected plant parts are removed.
▶ Often a radical pruning is necessary.

What should be considered when cutting red-throated hedges?

A hawthorn hedge should be cut annually. Here, a closed growth picture is sought. It will remove all too long or inward and transverse growing shoots. In hedge trimming, the top finish is particularly important. For a hedge to be recognized as such, it should be kept at least one meter high. This low height also allows you to cut comfortably.

What are the most important criteria when cutting red hawthorn?

❏ work with a clean cutting tool
❏ Do not remove main drives
❏ Remove water guns

❏ Remove inward growing shoots
❏ Remove rotary drives

Is Rotdorn poisonous?

When cutting can be given all-clear, hawthorn is non-toxic. Nevertheless, one should refrain from consuming the flowers or fruits. In this case you may experience nausea, headache and other intolerance reactions.

Beware thorns!

Gloves should still be worn at work, because the hawthorn has quite large thorns, which can well be a risk of injury. Children or pets are in danger of injuring themselves if touched and suffering from lacerations and puncture wounds. Even the hobby gardener is only protected by solid gloves from injury.

➔ Tip: In order to avoid injury from splintered thorns, it is advisable to wear safety goggles when cutting red-thorns.

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