Redesign of a garden piece on the house side

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Since a large tree had to be felled, new design options are opening up on the house side. The outdated path that leads to the main garden has to be renewed and the border with the neighbor needs a clear design. In addition, it lacks comfort.

Suggestion 1: Protected garden corner with fireplace

The area in front of the garage is not visible and thus offers itself as a place for a cozy fireplace. Since the two adjoining walls can also be used well as a backrest, there is now a brick corner bench. It was plastered to match the garage. The privacy elements on the side of the neighbor were partially renewed, the rest completely removed. Now you can settle down in the evening in a beautiful atmosphere with colorful cushions on the weatherproof wooden strips of the bank.

Design proposal protected garden corner with fireplace

Parts of the paving and the partially shaded small flower beds along the house wall have given way to a lawn, which makes the area look a bit more generous

In order to give the now very narrow planting strip the greatest possible effect, there grow yellow-green privet-prickly stems, also planted with also yellow-green Caucasus forget-me-not, bluish-green Funkie and sting sedge. Tip: Since the sedge likes to sow itself, it is best to cut back the blooms right away.
On the right side a priest's hat spans his crown over the perennial border. The native shrub is three to four feet high and with its flowers and fruits insects and birds as a source of food - for humans, the pink-orange "Pfaffenhütchen" are poisonous! The bed under it decorates the yellow variegated Caucasus forget-me-not with its tiny pale blue flowers in spring.

Perennial border with croaking beak and Caucasus forget-me-not

In addition to the bank, cranesbill, sting sedge, downy-feather filigree fern, variegated Caucasus forget-me-not, as well as a bicoloured ironhut

In early summer, white funerals, white-blooded cranesbill, blue-and-white monkshood, purple cranesbill, and white mountain knapweed bloom. In late summer, autumn anemones open their buds and the leaves of the prawn cap slowly turn red-orange. Extensively planted ferns provide the winter for some green in the bed.


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