Refining and propagation of plants

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Refine roses

Extract oleanders from seeds and multiply themselves - grow oleander tree

Oleander is usually propagated vegetatively with cuttings. As an alternative, the ornamental shrub will give you countless brown capsule fruits for generative offspring in autumn. These are bulging with winged seeds, from which you can attract a whole bunch of young flowering shrubs. This manual explains in a practical way how to grow an oleander tree by sowing.

Precultivation of plants

DNA - DNA double helix

Meristem propagation or in vitro propagation are not directly linked to plants by many - and there are millions of such plants in circulation. Interested readers will find out here what meristem propagation is, how it works and whether it can also be carried out at home.

Root barrier for miscanthus plants - these methods help

Miscanthus - Miscanthus purpurascens

In the case of miscanthus plants, it is not necessary to keep the foothills in check, but to be on the safe side, it is sometimes recommended to set root barriers. When and which root barriers, also called rhizomes, make sense and how they are set, explains the instructions from the expert.

Grow lavender through seeds / cuttings and pull yourself


Hardly any other plant fills garden beds, terraces and balconies with so much summery charm because of their color intensity, like the lavender. It is usually available only as a potted plant and, depending on the quality, less robust. But with the right guidance and care, you can multiply this style of roses easily and draw strong specimens themselves.

Harvest seeds of chive flowers - instructions for multiplying


Those who love the gardening challenge and want to save their wallet, multiply their oleander with cuttings. This form of vegetative offspring scores with an uncomplicated process and produces young plants with the charming attributes of their mother plant. This guide explains in seven steps how to do it right.

Propagate hibiscus - extract marshmallow from seeds and cuttings

Hibiscus hibiscus

The propagation of hibiscus plants by sowing and cuttings is almost as easy and uncomplicated as the care of the plants. The propagation by cuttings is particularly suitable for the tropical hibiscus varieties, which usually do not form seeds. Propagation by seeds is just as easy, but the breeding result is completely open.

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