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The rhododendron bloom is one of the highlights in the garden year. The evergreen shrubs from Asia come up with a color palette that is second to none in the plant kingdom. In addition, rhododendrons are the only evergreen and reliably hardy flowering shrubs in our latitudes.
Through intensive breeding, more and more new varieties are created, sometimes with several flower colors. The breeders, however, not only value a spectacular flower show - also beautiful foliage, compact growth and especially good winter hardiness are important breeding goals.
In the following picture gallery we present interesting new rhododendron varieties. Some of the rhododendrons can be bought in the MEIN shop, others are available from the Hachmann nursery.

Rhododendron hybrid 'Cherry Kiss'

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Rhododendron varieties: rhododendron

Rhododendron varieties: flower

Rhododendron varieties: flowers


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Rhododendron hybrids

Rhododendron varieties: varieties

Cherry Kiss

The large-flowered rhododendron hybrid 'Cherry Kiss' captivates with its rich flower color and its strongly shining foliage. Striking are the very light, cream-colored dust bags that stand out from the dark flower color. Flowering time is from mid-May to early June. The dense, strongly glossy foliage is medium to dark green and very frost hardy. 'Cherry Kiss' grows dense and broad-upright and reaches a height of 120 centimeters and a width of 150 centimeters in ten years.

Rhododendron varieties: flower


This attractive rhododendron hybrid has relatively small flowers that turn from crimson to pale yellow as they bloom. The colorful spectacle begins in mid-May and ends in early June. The dark green, healthy foliage is attractive far beyond the flowering period and very hardy. The plant grows broad-rounded and reaches a height of 1.3 meters and a width of 1.8 meters after ten years.

Rhododendron varieties: rhododendron

Golden Everest

The variety 'Golden Everest' bears orange-red buds, which develop into yolk-yellow flowers with a reddish hem. The hem disappears slowly as it blossoms, but the intense yellow of the blossom does not fade. 'Marathon Gold' only opens its flowers at the end of May and then blooms in good weather for almost four weeks. The medium-green foliage shines silky matt and shows good winter hardiness. The variety grows broad-upright and rather weak - it reaches about 80 centimeters high and 90 centimeters wide after ten years.

Rhododendron varieties: centimeters


The flowers of the rhododendron hybrids 'Julia' open from mid to late May and show a hue of pink rose to salmon orange. The petals are created twice, so the flower florets are particularly lush. The leaf margins of the dark green shiny foliage are barely rolled up. 'Julia' remains plump and compact even in old age and grows relatively weak. Ten year old plants are about 90 centimeters high and 100 centimeters wide.

Rhododendron varieties: varieties

'Hans Hachmann'

The mystical color combination of the white, star-shaped center of flowers and the rich purplish purple hem make 'Hans Hachmann' something special. The rhododendron hybrid shows its flowers from mid-May to early June. To keep them as long as possible, a partially shaded location is recommended. The dark green, silk-matt leaves are reddish petiolate and very frost hardy. The shrub grows broad-upright and a bit loose and reaches 130 centimeters high and 150 centimeters wide after ten years. He is to keep well compact by a slight pruning after flowering.

Rhododendron varieties: centimeters


The rhododendron hybrid 'Diana' captivates with bright salmon pink flowers. The flower color is continuously strong from the middle to the edge, the upper petals show inside a fine, rust-red mottling. The flowers open only at the end of May and keep in favorable weather for about three weeks. The medium green, slightly vaulted leaves have reddish stems and are good for winter hardiness. 'Diana' grows medium strong and forms a breitkugelige, closed crown. Within ten years, it will be about 120 inches high and 150 inches wide.

Rhododendron varieties: color


Lovers of strong color contrasts will enjoy the rhododendron hyrides 'Raphaela'. The single flowers are creamy white in the middle with a slightly wavy, purplish pink border. The upper petals show inside a yellowish green spotted eye. The flowers open very far and reveal the long stamens and the curved style with the pink scar. In order for the spectacular flower color to last longer, a partially shaded location is recommended during the early flowering period from mid-April to early May. The dense foliage is medium green with a slight sheen and has a satisfactory frost hardness. 'Raphaela' grows relatively weak and forms a dense, flat-oval crown. After ten years, the plant is about 70 centimeters high and 90 centimeters wide.

Rhododendron varieties: varieties

'White cloud'

The rhododendron hybrid 'White Cloud' bears the most delicate pink as it blooms, losing its bloom and turning to white during flowering. The single flowers are in dense, round inflorescences. They open in mid-May and last a good two weeks. The leaves are dark green and show a slight shine. They survive the Central European winter without appreciable damage when they are not exposed to direct sunlight. The plants form round, compact shrubs, which are about 100 centimeters high and 120 centimeters wide after ten years.

Rhododendron varieties: centimeters


The voluminous inflorescences of the rhododendron hybrids 'Metallica' are composed of 14 to 21 single flowers. The purple flower buds unfold to a bright, cool purple with a large, dark violet eye. The flowers open mid to late May and last almost four weeks. The striking dark green foliage contrasts beautifully with the flower color and shows a good winter hardiness. 'Metallica' grows very strong and very upright for a rhododendron, which makes it interesting for hedges. It reaches 140 centimeters high and 160 centimeters wide after ten years.

Rhododendron hybrid 'Cherry Kiss'

Rhododendron hybrid 'Aureolin'

Rhododendron hybrid 'Marathon Everest'

Rhododendron hybrids 'Julia'

Rhododendron hybrid 'Hans Hachmann'

Rhododendron hybrid 'Diana'

Rhododendron Hyrides 'Raphaela'

Rhododendron hybrid 'White Cloud'

Rhododendron hybrids 'Metallica'

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