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Anyone who plants rhubarb in the garden knows that the vegetables are quite unpretentious. But at least every ten years, you should share your rhubarb. This will allow you to get a bigger return.

Share rhubarb

But how do you properly divide a rhubarb plant?
Always divide your rhubarb with a shovel. Make sure that the new plants have at least three to four buds. It is always divided in the fall. The ideal time is when the first leaves turn brown. If you divide your rhubarb too soon, then you risk that the plant does not have enough power to grow. Since the rhubarb roots should not remain in the air too long, you must lift the new planting hole before splitting. For this you have to loosen the soil as deeply as possible and mix with ripened compost. Rhubarb should always be planted in a sunny spot.

Rhubarb needs a close season
After planting, you must now water the rhubarb well and mulch it with compost. In the first two years you should not harvest the converted rhubarb plant, as it needs a closed season. That's why you should also leave part of the stick where it was and only replant it after these two years. After these two years you can reap much rhubarb.

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