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weak Zehrer

Weak drawers are relatively modest. A moderate fertilization is also appropriate because, for example, lettuce tends to store nitrate in the leaves. Five liters of mature compost per square meter during the bed preparation ensure the basic supply. Follow-up can be done with nettle slurry or mineral fertilizer. Other weak eaters: peas, beans and radishes.

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Medium eaters such as kohlrabi have a slightly higher nutrient requirement. You should work in compost already in autumn and then mulch the soil. In the spring, apply another thin layer of mature compost. The potassium requirement of carrots and onions is covered with mineral fertilizer (Kalimagnesia) or some wood ash. Other medium eaters include beetroot, leek, broccoli, spinach and fennel.

Stark Zehrer

Starters such as tomatoes yield the best yields on sites where green manure has been sown. But not all green manure plants are compatible with the succeeding crops. So cabbages do not tolerate mustard seed. In autumn, you also work with compost and cover the soil with the green manure remnants. As a source of nitrogen in the spring is used Horngrieß, short-term effective fertilizers are mineral fertilizer or nettle. Other star gourmets: pumpkin, celery, Chinese cabbage.

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