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Strawberries location tips

In the spring, everyone is looking forward to finally being allowed back in the garden and watching the plants grow. And we look forward to the first fruits of the year, the strawberries, Those who have them in their own garden can then snack on them for at least four to even eight weeks. The longer strawberries, however, at one Location grow, the less yield they can bring.

This is partly due to the so-called soil fatigue, which can also occur with roses - and strawberries, too - but also because the plants simply get too old.

In these cases you should proceed as follows:

Dissolve the bed by throwing away the old plants. Ideally you take daughter plants from the foothills, which are often very abundant, and put them in another place in the garden. This creates a new bed on new soil with new plants.

Alternatively, you can of course also buy new plants. In this way, you will get a lush harvest the following year.

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