The right plants for the rock garden

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Perfect for the rock garden: Hauswurz (Sempervivum)

Many a garden lover brings a piece of the Alps to his home in the flat plain in which he creates a rock garden. But just laying stones on each other would be too easy. So first of all, you should be aware that the soil must not be waterlogged.

Then the hobby gardener can equip his garden with stones. Whether he adheres to the lifelike model of the Alps, or lets his own imagination run wild, is up to you.

However, he can not take away plants that grow in the Alps, because, first, they are partly protected and, secondly, they would not grow in the lowlands.

That's why it's important to have the right one Plants for the rock garden select.

Gentian and edelweiss

That is why cultivated plants, such as gentian or edelweiss, can be found in the relevant garden centers.

Creeping plants such as Sedum or Semperviven

Small creeping plants such as the sedum or the Semperviven are also ideal for planting.

Little water but also in winter

Since most stone growths are so-called succulents, they require little water. In winter, however, you should not stop casting, because the ground frost holds the roots firmly. As a result, they can not absorb moisture.

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