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River cruise in the spring: cruise

"MS Vista-Prima", a de luxe ship, has four passenger decks and a large sundeck

During a boat trip across the Rhine and the Meuse, the readers of Mein will discover beautiful show gardens and metropolises in Belgium and the Netherlands in April 2014

If you want to experience spring in all its plant splendor, you will inevitably come to the Keukenhof, the most famous horticultural landmark in the Netherlands. Millions of tulips, but also hyacinths, daffodils, imperial crowns and grape hyacinths immerse the 32-hectare site in a colorful sea of ​​colors. For the 2014 season, gardeners have put a lot of effort into creating an imposing flower onion mosaic that represents the Amsterdam canals. But the Keukenhof is just one of several interesting stops on our eight-day river cruise that leads across the Rhine and the Meuse to Belgium and the Netherlands.

From Cologne to Antwerp


During a guided tour of the centuries-old castle gardens of Arcen you will learn many interesting facts about the 32 hectare estate

From Cologne, the cruise ship "MS VistaPrima" first drives downstream along the Rhine, past Düsseldorf and Duisburg. We stay in Venlo, make a trip to the Kasteeltuinen in Arcen, visit Maastricht in the province of Limburg, cross to Hasselt and on to the diamond city of Antwerp. From here you have the opportunity to visit the art and culture city of Bruges and the capital, Brussels. But Antwerp also offers a lot of charm: In addition to diamond grinders, for example, the four paintings of Rubens in the Cathedral of Our Lady.


The Keukenhof is probably the most famous spring park in the world. Millions of blooming bulbous flowers, especially tulips, make the visit an experience for young and old alike

Full of contrasts is the modern skyline of the imposing port city of Rotterdam, which we reach on the fifth day of the journey. You can also get to know the royal city of The Hague and Delft, the city of Delft Blue, on a trip. We drive through green polder landscapes and look forward to another highlight: Amsterdam. The city is criss-crossed by numerous dreamy waterways, lined with gabled houses and magnificent city palaces. Then the colorful flowers in the Keukenhof and Nijmegen, from where we take a trip to the gardens of Appeltern, we get back to Cologne, where the cruise ends.

Appointment and prices

Deluxe cabin

The cabins of the "MS Vista-Prima" are about 15 m2 in size

Appointment: 9 to 16 April
Travel price: 2-bed cabin main deck from 999 € per person
Full board with choice menus, free use of all on-board facilities (eg wellness), luggage service for embarkation and disembarkation
German speaking tour guide on board


9th April: Cologne, embarkation from 15 o'clock on the "MS VistaPrima", departure at 16 o'clock
10th of April: Arrival in Venlo at 9 o'clock, excursion to the Kasteeltuinen Arcen
11 April: Arrival in Maastricht at 6 o'clock; 12 o'clock passage to Hasselt (Belgium), arrival at 18.30
12. April: Arrival in Antwerp at 10.15, departure at 20.30
April 13: Arrival in Rotterdam at 7 o'clock, departure at 13 o'clock; Arrival in Amsterdam at 9pm
April 14: Trip to Keukenhof with a 90-minute boat tour around the park; Departure from Amsterdam at 22 o'clock
15th of April: Arrival in Nijmegen at 7 o'clock; Visit the gardens of Appeltern; 2 pm departure from Nijmegen
April 16: Disembarkation in Cologne at 8 o'clock

Services included


In the gardens of Appeltern hobby gardeners find many inspirations for the design of their own green

Day trip "Kasteeltuinen" with bus transfer from / to ship, entrance fee, guided tour;
Special excursion "Keukenhof" incl. Boat trip, entrance, with bus transfer from / to ship;
Special trip "Appeltern" with bus transfer from / to ship, entrance fee, guided tour;

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