Sonnenröschen: varieties, location and care of the bushy plant

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Here again a plant for the rock garden and for the grave planting: the sunflower. You can read all about varieties, location and care of the plant here.

The sunflower is a bushy plant

The sunflower, which is one of the winter-hardy plants, has become indispensable in Bach flower therapy. And since it is one of the most easy-care perennial plants, it is often found in our gardens, albeit sometimes unrecognized. But even for the grave planting the sunflower is very well suited.

Which varieties or varieties of the sunflower are so, and how the sunflower is planted and maintained, you will now learn in the text below.

variety selection

The common sunflower is still available with yellow-colored flowers, whereas new varieties are now offered in the garden shop market with red, pink, orange and white flowers. Here are a few of the most beautiful varieties of the sunflower:

  • Common sunflower - yellow flowers, very robust
  • Mountain Sunflowers - also yellow flowers, very low growth
  • Garden Sunflowers - yellow flowers with orange-colored interior coloring
  • Sterntaler - golden yellow flower, is often confused with the common sunflower
  • Cornish Cream - delicate, vanilla yellow flower with intense yellow center
  • Bronze carpet - orange blossom with red center, striking in the garden bed
  • Cheviot - apricot-colored flower, looks very filigree
  • Polar Bear - pure white flower
  • The Bride - white flower with yellow center, silver green foliage, looks very elegant
  • Red Orient - dark red, intense flower color, peps up colorless garden beds immensely
  • Cerise Queen - red, filled flower, is often also offered under the name "Ruby"
  • Lawrensons Pink - pink flower, looks very fine
  • Wisley Pink - pink flower, silver green foliage dress
  • Raspberry Ripples - two-colored flower in pink and white, brings mood to the garden bed
  • Ruth - her brown-red flower makes a great contrast to her gray-green foliage

The perfect location choice

The evergreen sunflowers prefer, as their name implies, a sunny, dry (water-permeable) location, which makes them ideal for growing in the rock garden. Due to the stature height of 10 to a maximum of 30 centimeters, sunflowers are also suitable for grave design and as bedding border.

In the early spring (from around March), you should either use sunflowers for seed, or buy them as perennials and plant them directly in the garden bed. You can also propagate existing sunflowers using cuttings.

" Tip:

Before you put the shrubs into the soil, you should enrich the soil with some compost to help them to grow.

Properly care for the sunflower

➀ Promote flowering:

The sunflower, which already thrives from May to August, hardly needs any care. You should only cut off withered flowers as early as possible, so that a new blooms can quickly form again on the sunflower.

➀ Casting / Fertilizing:

Sunflowers are also very insensitive during longer dry periods. Nevertheless, you should provide the plant from time to time with irrigation water. However, you must then make sure that no backwater forms around the plant. A fertilizer is, however, only necessary if necessary.

➀ Pruning:

Immediately after the last flowering, you should cut back the sunflower vigorously, so that the perennial plant becomes more and more compact and can survive even the frostiest winter days better.

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