Renew and repair roller shutter belt

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Renew and repair roller shutter belt

Roller shutter belts must be able to withstand a lot during their lifetime. Considering all the burdens, it is clear that it is only a matter of time before the roller shutter belt bears the first marks.
These can be light in nature in the form of frayed sides of the belt or take on worse proportions, namely, when the belt breaks completely. Basically, in both cases, it is recommended to replace the roller shutter belt completely. Although this is possible in-house, but still associated with some effort. Fortunately, for these cases, there is the option to renew the roller shutter by repair. And the home improvement market has the required material ready for this.
Finished sets facilitate the belt repair
Replacing a roller shutter belt without the help of professional repair kits is an unmanageable task. Fortunately, there are repair shops in the retail trade, which make the harness renewal a breeze. In addition, it is necessary to acquire a new belt piece, which is compliant in length and width with the piece to be replaced. Now the overhaul can start:
  1. For this purpose, the roller shutter is pulled to the highest point and anchored by wedges so that it closes under any circumstances.
  2. The roller shutter box remains as untouched as the next procedure as the
    upper belt spool.
  3. In contrast, the hand strap, the fastener at the lower end of the belt, the more hand applied. This is namely opened and the rewinder taken out to the
    remove old strap. Since the coil is held by tension on spring, this process must be carried out very carefully.

Now either the torn belt piece can be eliminated, or else the worn roller shutter belt is cut off above the most affected area. Then the new belt and the repair set are used.
Rivets connect old and new roller shutter belt
The main element of the repair kits for roller shutter straps is a metal rail in which the old roller shutter rope is inserted from above and from below the new roller shutter rope. So that nothing really slips or loosens, rivets are integrated, which can be hammered firmly into the straps with a hammer. Thus, the connection is secured. In order to satisfy the visual requirement, an adhesive tape is also included, which looks at first glance deceptively genuine after roller shutter belt. This serves as a beautification and additional attachment around the metal fitting. When this work is completed, the new belt can be rolled onto the tensioned spool and lowered back into the rewinder housing.

Video Board: How to repair a roller shutter - Replacing the cord of roller shutters window / strap / belt.

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