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When the turf is freshly laid, suddenly many questions arise that you did not even have to deal with in advance: when do you have to mow the new turf for the first time and what should be considered? When and how is fertilized? How often do you have to water so that the lawn rollers grow well? And: Is it allowed to scarify a turf?

Water turf immediately thoroughly

The most important measure after laying the roller turf is the penetrating watering. It is best to set up a lawn sprinkler and supply the entire lawn with 10 to 15 liters of water per square meter. The amount can be easily controlled with a rain gauge. Once the surface is wet through 10 to 15 inches deep, you can turn off the sprinkler.

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Start sprinkling immediately after laying, as lawn rolls should not dry out too much after laying. In dry summers you should first finish a coherent surface with larger lawns and start here already with the irrigation, before the entire turf is designed.
If there is no more precipitation with corresponding amounts of rain, water will continue to be watered daily within the next two weeks after installation so that the new turf can quickly penetrate into the subsurface.

Water the lawn

Without good water supply, the new turf does not grow

To find out how deep the water has seeped into the soil, the so-called spade test helps: After watering in one place, open the turf and lift a small hole with the spade. Then measure with a dipstick how far the water has penetrated. Due to the darker color, the moistened area is easy to recognize.

Mow turf for the first time

When mowing, you should not wait too long after laying, because experience has shown that a turf keeps growing without a break if it is well watered. Therefore, it is mowed for the first time after seven days at the latest. However, there are three important points to keep in mind:

  1. Allow the surface to dry slightly before mowing. If the turf is very humid, heavy mowers may leave marks in the new turf
  2. Make sure that the blade of the lawnmower is well sharpened so it separates the grasses cleanly. Of course, this also applies to ingrown lawns, but with the turf, there is the danger that blunt knives tear out individual parts of the grass from the loose scar
  3. Always mow with a grass catcher. If you have to cut off the clippings, you might otherwise accidentally use the rake to loosen the turf, delaying the growth process

In the second to third mowings, the turf is usually so well grown that you can treat it like a normal lawn.

Mow turf

Always mow your new turf until it grows with a grass catcher

Incidentally, you can use a robotic lawnmower from day one. Since the devices are very light and change their direction of travel very often, remain in the turf no lasting traces. Ideally, the perimeter wire should be laid on the prepared surface before laying the turf - so it disappears right under the new turf.

Fertilize turf

As far as fertilization is concerned, you should stick to the recommendation of your turf provider. During the approximately one-year-old cultivation phase in the turf school, a turf is intensively fertilized, so possibly even larger quantities of nutrients are stored in the turf after the harvest. Some manufacturers recommend that the turf be supplied with a starter fertilizer directly when laying. Others think it makes sense to deploy a special soil activator. If you do not have the information, you should not provide the new turf for the first time with a normal long-term lawn fertilizer after about four to six weeks.

Scarify: Meaningful or not?

Turf grass has perfect growth conditions in the turf school and is mown very frequently. Therefore, the lawn rolls are free of turf at delivery. Even if the soil and location are not optimal, scarifying can be avoided for at least two years if the new turf is mowed often enough, fertilized regularly and watered in the event of drought. If there is still increased lawn felt deposits and moss growth, the scarifying is possible with proper care already two to three months after the laying of the roller turf.

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