Rolled up leaves with roses

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Roses are among the most popular garden plants. There is hardly a garden where you can not find roses. They are available in a variety of species, whether as a high stem, shrub rose, ground cover rose or hybrid rose.
The colors and flowers in general can hardly be more different.
The variety is overwhelming. Whether nostalgia roses, painter roses, old roses or English roses, there is the right rose for every taste.
As beautiful as roses are, their cultivation is not easy. Important is the right location and a good care. Despite everything, there are numerous diseases and pests that threaten the garden darlings.
Rolled leaves of roses indicate the rose petal wasp. Fortunately, every year there is only one generation of them. For the roses, the wasps and their larvae are not harmful. It's just a visual defect.
Rosenblatt tiphiidae
The rose leaf wasp (Blennocampa pusilla) infests both wild roses and cultivated rose varieties. Particularly vulnerable are some climbing roses.
Damage - the rose petals are rolled around the middle ridge like a tube from the edge.
Causes - inside the roll are about 5 to 10 mm long first white, later light green larvae with brown head. These ensure that the assimilation performance of the leaves is greatly reduced. It comes to growth inhibition. In the case of a strong infestation with the larvae of the rose petal wasp, the leaves may turn yellow and fall off.
Prevention - you can not prevent it unless you remove all roses from the garden. Otherwise, you can only regularly check for infestation. Affected leaves should be cut off and destroyed before leaving the larvae. They do not belong to the compost, because there can also be a pupation there.
Combat - Tillage in winter or early spring combats the overwintering dolls in the ground. A treatment with pesticides against the larvae shows little success. Protected in their leaf roll, the larvae are well protected. It is best to remove the affected leaves.
In case of heavy infestation, a treatment with pest-free Careo concentrate or Bayer garden combi-rose pest-free is recommended.

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