Rolled leaves in roses through the leaf trash wasp

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Rolled leaves indicate the leaf trash wasps

Rolled up leaves with roses are a very clear sign here Journal tiphiidae was active. After a few weeks, the leaves of the rose turn yellow and then fall off.

The leafed wasp lays its eggs directly on the edge of the rose petals. Once the larvae have hatched, they are naturally hungry and make use of the leaf tissue on the underside of the leaf. We already know the episode: Rolled leaves.

Leafy wasp not harmful to the rose
But now comes the good thing: For the Rose that is in no way harmful. She only loses a few leaves. You can not do anything about that. However, if you do not like the rolled-up leaves, you just have to pluck them off.

Just remove leaves
After all, the queen of the flowers should also look beautiful. The removal of the leaves also has the advantage that the leafy wasp can not proliferate so much, which in turn has a positive effect on the next year. So, just remove the leaves - ready!

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