A romantic garden in the countryside

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In the Black Forest community Freiamt Ursula Hauber has created a wild and romantic garden. In addition to roses, flowers and perennials, objects of peasant life characterize the picture

A romantic garden in the countryside: garden

Several entrances lead into the garden. Each of them is designed differently and yet creates a harmonious whole

Country Garden

Ursula Hauber brings her little garden paradise to fruition

Quaintly the Brettenbach winds its way down the valley, embedded in lush green meadows, which merge into dense forest. Here, in a side valley of the municipality of Freiamt near Freiburg, lives Ursula Hauber with her family. A rose arch leads into the garden, where the 50-year-old is currently accessing. "At the weekend, the 'Open Garden Doors Day' will take place. There I have to bring my little paradise a little bit up to scratch, "she explains and snatches off a few withered leaves. You can see her enjoying the work in the garden. In the past, the mother of two almost adult sons was hardly interested in flowers and plants.

Botany buff

A romantic garden in the countryside: Ursula

Every corner of the garden tells its own story

At that time, the approximately 1500 square meters of land consisted of a large meadow area. "The garden appetite came with the children," she says. "On a summer's day 20 years ago, I was standing in the high grass with my eldest son Sebastian and said: Something has to change. I plant a few flowers ". That was the birth of today's garden. That same week, the young mother pruned a piece of meadow and planted the first flowers. Unfortunately, her gardening zeal initially brought only moderate success. The plants simply did not want to grow. "But the idea of ​​having my own garden just did not let me go," she recalls. So she spent the winter in gardening magazines, devouring textbooks and learning the botanical names of plants.

Country Garden Bicycle

An old bicycle leans casually off at the tree. For a long time, Ursula Hauber had wished such a "classic car" and finally found it in a barn in the village

The following spring, she restarted. First, the gardener took the place around the fir, which had been planted for the birth of Sebastian. Gradually followed the vegetable garden, a small pond, paths and several seats. From the stones that the ground released on every spade, she and her husband Erwin built flower-beds, steps and walls. When selecting plants, Ursula Hauber relies on a natural, meadowy overall impression. Cranesbill and lady's mantle, ferns and decorative perennials form the basic framework in the beds, which have something to offer in every season. The dense planting significantly facilitates the work, because the weeds can spread less. In addition, the plants support each other, so they can not hurt wind and heavy rain.

Hosta shutter

A shutter has been converted into a stylish decoration

Although the garden is well-established, it is subject to a gentle but steady change. Sometimes the gardener discovers a new plant, sometimes a beautiful figure. At the vegetable patch she has just removed part of the old wooden fence. "The kitchen garden is now much more open and integrated," she explains. The garden reaches its first peak in June, when roses and clematis are in full bloom. "The colors are a real force," enthuses the garden owner. Slightly more subdued, but no less impressive, is the garden in autumn, when asters, dahlias and grasses unfold their beauty.

Purple bells Funkien

Around the house, planted pots and decorative finds play the main role. Leaf ornamental plants such as purple bells and funchies are best used with the
shady location clear

Ursula's second passion is for everything related to rural life: old dishes, tools, stone feeding troughs, old iron gates. What she finds at flea markets or in attics in the neighborhood, comes to life in her garden. A special treasure is the old bee house, which she got from a friend. The small wooden house perched at the highest point of the property, from where offers a beautiful view of the garden. With freshly brewed coffee and home-baked fruit cake interested plant friends can meet here for a chat: Every second Sunday of the month the garden is open to visitors. After all the hustle and bustle that such days bring, Ursula Hauber is happy for a few quieter moments. Then she likes to retreat to her favorite spot under the linden tree at the beehive, where she enjoys the sight of her flowers undisturbed.

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