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If you prefer subtle, calm colors when designing your potted garden on the balcony, you will surely find these romantic-look ideas. The romantic charisma is achieved through white and pastel-colored flowers. If you want to spice things up, add a touch of pinkton or dark violet without destroying the romantic look. Grail-leaved leaf ornamental plants such as licorice herb (Helichrysum petiolare) or the fat hen (Sedum sieboldii) ensure that it does not get too sweet. Look specifically for filled blooming varieties of roses, hard-wearing Lieschen, petunias or geraniums in delicate colors. They look wonderfully nostalgic. Even small-flowered species with filigree shoots have a romantic nature.

The grateful perennials include Scented Stone Lark (Lobularia), Elfenspiegel (Nemesia), Elfensporn (Diascia), MÀnnertreu (Lobelia), and Zauberlöckchen (Calibrachoa). Soft seat cushions and tablecloths with floral or plaid accentuate the romantic style on balcony and terrace. Seating furniture and iron trusses provide a delightful contrast to the delicate flowers, as well as wooden and wicker chairs. In the evening, candlelight creates a mood. Provide lanterns and attach a string of lights to the balcony railing.
Fancy getting the romance look? Be inspired by these six plant ideas!

A dream in pastel

Flower box planted in a romantic look

Flower box in a romantic look

Harmony in form and color: With pastel-colored flowers conjure up a romantic mood on the balcony, be it in delicate pink tones (left) or yellow and white (right)

Snapdragons, sorrel, hard-working lizards, lobelia in pink and lilac can be combined to suit your mood. As a planter, for example, old flower boxes, which are suitable for the flowering season covered with pastel-colored oilcloth (see picture left). Discreet colors are complemented by an arrangement of light yellow flowering caplets 'Lemon Symphonie' (Osteospermum), white-flowered petunias 'White Improved' and fragrant herbs such as rosemary, oregano 'Aureum', sage and chamomile.

Romantic staging for table and hanging basket

Bouquet of summer flowers

Hanging flowerpot with magic bells

The romantic look can also be realized in a table decoration (left) or a hanging basket (right)

Blooming happiness comes with a bouquet of sunflowers, dahlias, roses and hydrangeas at the seat. Tip: To enjoy the flowers for a long time, cut the stems at an angle and remove any leaves that are in the water. Cut dahlia flowers daily, change vase water regularly. Knot by knot, macrame knotting is just right again. As a traffic light, the DIY trend on the terrace sets accents. For the romance look provide a plantation of pastel pink magic bells and hanging growing geraniums.

Charming container plant mix

Charming container plant mix

Mandevilla in the bucket

Even in the larger bucket romantic compositions can be realized, as here with Zauberglöcken, oleander, petunia and daisies (left) or white-flowering Mandevilla, feathered grass and Duftsteinrich (right)

Bright joy in sunny yellow spray the magic bells 'Capri Gold' on a modern wooden terrace. The interaction with white-flowering oleander, petunia and daisies is pleasantly fresh. Perfect for this: white planters and a silver watering can. Not only Scandinavia fans like to set up their home in bright, friendly colors. Due to the high proportion of white, pastel shades can be wonderfully combined with all white shades. For example, at the favorite outdoor spot is the rugged, flowering Mandevilla 'Rio White', planted with feathered grass grass 'Sky Rocket' and the scent-strewn 'Snow Princess' (Lobularia).

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