Root protection fleece for ponds and beds

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Even if you love luscious nature so much - sometimes growth must be stopped. Not only in the field of vision, but also underground.

Because the roots of many plants have the tendency to "grow their way" without regard to damage (for example in the pond liner), if they are not hindered. For example by a root protection fleece:
Root protection fleece for ponds
A root protection fleece for the

Garden pond, also called pond fleece, is offered in various qualities. Non-woven is usually made of polypropylene, is not rotatable and thus retains its protective properties over a very long time. This is better, because a pond fleece must first prevent roots from growing through. But then it is also there to prevent any sharp object from the surface from piercing the pond liner holding water.
Laying of root protection fleece
Root protection fleece is mainly under the actual pond liner. Before laying, carefully remove all visible and noticeable roots and stones, and there will be enough invisible nuisance to move to the surface over time. Then, a sand layer is introduced as the first protective layer, the fleece is laid over it. It should be done rather generous, even the edge should be completely covered, here is even more likely that someday a root verquer grows.
  • The fleece is laid in the pit train by rail, each lane should overlap at least 15 cm.
  • Where there are steps and edges in the pond, the fleece can simply be laid out several times so that the area is well covered.
  • The fleece can be easily cut into any desired shape with a pair of scissors.

Under certain circumstances it makes sense to lay fleece over the pond liner once again. This is especially done if objects could fall into the pond that could injure the pond liner. In most cases it is recommended to lay a thick fleece mat of at least 900 g. Although a thicker root protection fleece costs a little more than the thinner versions, but these additional costs are out of proportion to the expenses that are incurred when a leaking pond liner must be repaired...
New developments
Which root protection fleece you choose, of course, also applies to the overlying pond liner. There are interesting new developments here, which also entail the use of a new type of root protection fleece. The company DuPont has z. B. a pond liner made of multi-layer polypropylene braid that should be very light, flexible and tear-resistant. If you use this film with the name Xavan, you already have a root-stable position in the pond.
The corresponding root protection fleece also comes from DuPont and bears the name Typar SF. This geotextile is also made of polypropylene, so you would have only in terms of environmental, possible pollutant content and recycling rather unproblematic plastic in the pond. The Typar fleece is durable for at least 100 years in all natural soils and extremely resistant even in very thin execution.
Root protection fleece for beds
Root protection fleece in the garden has similar tasks, it helps here, the roots of plants in the spread

to prevent. This weed fleece can be used as a rhizome barrier in certain areas, but can also be installed as a general weed barrier for beds or garden path. If root protection foil is generally planned for garden greening, this will definitely benefit the subsidized plants, the weed foil will store the water and provide optimal heat.
Prices for root protection fleece
Pond fleece with a weight of 300 g per square meter is offered from around 1.50 euros per square meter in the pond supply trade. The root protection fleece with 500 g per square meter then costs between 2.09 and 3.60 euros, the film with 1000 g weight on the square meter is offered from 3.99 euros.
The DuPont Typar SF film is offered in thicknesses of 68 to 375 g per square meter. The strength of the special film designed for loads up to road construction when used as a pond fleece must be inquired of the supplier. A Typar SF film of 110 g weight per square meter is z. B. offered on eBay for 1.50 euros per square meter.
Weed fleece is a black plastic or fabric film, which is offered from 1, - Euro per square meter.
Dealer and manufacturer of root protection fleece
  • Pond fleece in different strengths has z. B. the Hanako-Koi GmbH from 64319 Pfungstadt in supply,, or the Czebra Versand GmbH from 66887 Sankt Julian,
  • The dealer Typar SF and DuPontTM Typar® distribution partner Germany is the DIB Potthast GmbH from 51570 Windeck,
  • Weed fleece can be bought in the next garden center or ordered on the internet from any supplier who has gardening accessories in the program, eg. At the Econa Shopping GmbH in 10115 Berlin,

Conclusion of the editorship
Root protection fleece in the pond is essential, root protection fleece in the garden can save a lot of work and help, that even slightly tanned plants get their chance.

  • If you have leftovers of the root protection fleece after laying the pond, you can often use them in the nursery.
  • If the root protection fleece is permeable to water and folded several times and provided with some holes, there are z. B. a good drainage layer for all planters.
  • Or you use your fleece scraps for crafting, fleece is ideal, for example, for lamp crafting, card design and gift wrapping.

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