Creating a rosary - Planting plan and ideas for rose beds

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Its graceful beauty and delicate fragrance makes the rose a real "must have" in any garden. After all, a rose garden is the epitome of luxury and exuberance.
But whoever designs even a single bed of roses will find joy in it. And because the choice of sizes, shapes and colors of the rose is very diverse, every gardener will find something suitable:
Starting from groundcover roses and small bush roses over normal bed roses, strongly fragrant wild roses and romantic shrub or climbing roses to the sophisticated edelrose or preppy Hochstämmchen. The latter are not only suitable for the rosary, but can also be used to beautify terraces, balconies or loggias. But how do you design your own rosary?
At the beginning is the planning
Good preparation is good for the creation of a rosary. Questions must be clarified regarding the condition, quality and location of the site, together with the lighting conditions. All roses prefer a loose nutrient-rich soil. Then it must be considered, which kinds of roses and how many sticks should be planted at all.
In a good planting plan the stature heights, flowering times and colors as well as the different development of the plants are considered. Especially if in the rose garden not only the queens of the flowers, but also other accompanying shrubs or perennials should thrive, then it should be remembered: Some plants grow faster and wider than others over the years faster. So an initially harmonious planting can eventually get out of whack. And that is precisely what should be prevented by good planning.
Good partnership
So that roses thrive well, the neighboring plants should keep a proper distance from the roses, especially if these are perennials and woody plants. The beauty of the roses can be underlined by grasses and low shrubs. As in flower boxes can play with the repetition effect.
In a discounts each rose should be set. A good effect can be achieved with an odd number, for example, when one, three or five roses are planted. For discounts and beds are particularly suitable Zwergrosen, Edelrosen and Beetrosen. For the latter, Buchs is an ideal partner. Because the dark green underlines the colors of the roses. And in winter, the evergreen plants set vivid points of view between the bare rose branches.
But also flowering magnificent perennials or one- and two-year-old flowers are ideal companions in the rose bed. Accents at the beginning of summer set magnificent perennials such as blue larkspur, red poppy, purple or white steppe sage, yellow yarrow and mixed lupins or irises. At the foot, roses are often a little bare. Therefore, as an underplant one and two year old plants are suitable:

  • about blue-flowering maiden in the countryside,
  • bright pink hollyhocks,
  • yellow flowering Mullein,
  • colorful beard carnations
  • or in various yellow, orange and red blooming nasturtium.
Many of these flowers were spontaneous. Thus, the next generation for the next year is already secured.
Spicy rosary
If roses are combined with herbs, this has two advantages. On the one hand, the strong rose petals are even more appealing due to the delicate flowers of the herbs. And on the other hand, the essential oils contained in the herbs keep some predators away. As herbs are suitable for rosaries such as pineapple and mountain mint, curry herb, thyme, lavender, oregano, purple fennel or rue.
Climbing community
High out is the goal of all climbing plants. Suitable partners for climbing roses are, for example, clematis or honeysuckle. And the queen of the flower can decorate herself with strange feathers, when feather poppy accompanies itself as a companion plant. Its copper-beige foliage can reach a considerable height of up to two meters.

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