Rose cut in autumn: Useful or not?

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Just over 20 years ago, the rose cut was also common in public rose gardens in autumn. Above all, the shoots of the Beetrosen and Edelrosen were at the end of the season all slightly cut back. The reason: The annual shoots of most roses do not fully mature in the fall - so the shoot tips remain unbranded and do not close the growth. As they are extremely susceptible to frost, they usually freeze back to the lignified sections, even at the first freezing temperatures.

In the past, it was assumed that the expected frost damage had a negative effect on the vitality of the roses and cut the un-wooded ends without further ado in autumn. Today we know that frostbite is not a problem. The uncut rose shoots may even slow down the cold easterly winds and shade the shrub base in strong winter sunlight.

Autumn cut in the rosary

If you have pure, densely planted bed of roses in your garden, the fall cut is sometimes useful. The shoots of the roses often form such a thick undergrowth that a winter protection is hardly possible, because you can not get to the shrub base. In this case, you first cut all the criss-cross rose shoots a piece and then multiply the base of each rose as usual with compost earth.

Roses winter protection with compost

Who cuts back his bedding and Edelrosen, can provide his plants more easily with the winter protection from compost soil

When pruning in the fall, you do not have to cut exactly on the eye, because when the rose is cut in spring, the shoots are cut down even further anyway. It's all about cutting off as little as possible - but so much that you can get close to the shrub base of the bed roses or peonies.

Autumn cut for Hochstammrosen

Even on the stems refined bed roses - the so-called Hochstammrosen - a light autumn cut can be useful. In this group of roses, the finishing and the shoots are very exposed and therefore particularly susceptible to frost damage. Therefore, you should wrap the crown approach well and ideally in cold, drafty locations wrap the entire crown in winter fleece. This is much easier if you cut back the shoots before.

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