Rose damage to the shoots

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In bark brandy, only the scissors usually help

There is often talk of spots on rose petals. These black or red spots occur both on the top, as well as on the bottom. But not only on the leaves, these mushrooms can appear, even the shoots and branches are not immune to it.

The bark brandy mushroom
The so-called Rindenbrandpilz makes the gardener to create. That's why you should always control the shoots of your roses. If you find reddish brown spots then you have to remove the shoots generously. Here you should cut into healthy wood to prevent their spread. You should dispose of the diseased shoots in the household waste and never on the compost, as they can get back into the earth.

Cover in winter
In order to prevent this fungal attack and to promote the wood maturity, you should cover your roses in the winter with fir sprigs instead of with earth and do not forget to remove the brush after the winter in a timely manner. You should also abstain from fertilizer applications with nitrogen in the autumn.

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