Put rose hedge - 5 dog roses

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Dog roses are undemanding

Would you like to have no ordinary hedge in the garden? You can also create a rose hedge. Here are 5 dog roses.

Dog roses do not need much care
Roses are usually sophisticated. But there are also roses that do not need much care. The dog roses belong to it, because they can be kept like a conventional hedge. You do not usually need to water extra, except in long periods of drought. Once or twice a year a cut and already feel the dog roses well. In addition, they bloom and smell very wonderful. We have put together five of the most beautiful dog roses here for you.

Put rose hedge - 5 dog roses

  1. Snow White: Flowers from spring to fall, naturally in white and gets 1.20 meters high. In addition, it is overhanging.
  2. Rose de Resht: Although it only gets one meter high, it can not be used as a screen protector, but it convinces with its red flowers and wonderful scent.
  3. Potato rose: This wild rose is very prickly, but dense and forms rose hips after flowering. It blooms from May to October and is 1.50 meters high.
  4. Queen of Light Lucia: Also 1.50 meters tall, yellow, filled flowers and standing upright.
  5. Conductor: The largest among the wild roses is 1.80 meters high, is very dense and flowers in the deepest red from spring to fall.

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