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The queen of flowers can be found in almost every garden. Whether used as a cut flower or as a garden plant, roses delight all hearts.
Beetrosen - an eye-catcher in every flower bedOb scented rose, whether large or small-flowered, whether stem rose or climbing rose, with its flowers in different colors, roses from the garden are indispensable. If you want beautiful flowers and healthy roses, you have to do a lot for it.
variety selection
There are countless varieties of roses, but not every one is suitable for the individual home garden. The intended location, the soil, the sunlight, the climatic area and much more have an effect on the prosperity. Before buying, you should therefore deal with the selection of varieties and select in peace. Spontaneous purchases often turn out to be a failure, because the rose looked great when you buy, but hardly grows in your own garden, because the conditions do not fit.
For garden beginners, there are so-called beginner roses, which are quite robust and sometimes forgive care mistakes. Those who want to be on the safe side use so-called ADR roses, which have been specially tested. They are very healthy and not susceptible to the numerous rosacea diseases. Find out which rose is best for you personally!
Root-dead or container roses?
What speaks for buying and planting bare root roses and what against! Do you take container roses and why? The advantages and disadvantages can be found on the following pages.
site conditions
A prerequisite for prosperity is the right location. Before buying the plants, you must therefore know what the location conditions of each variety look like. Only when the external conditions are right, that is, the number of hours of sunshine, airy space, environment and proximity to other plants, the rose feels well.
plant substrate
Equally important is the ideal floor. Roses do not make many claims, but thrive in the right substrate. Before planting the soil should be prepared accordingly! The deepworms are best suited for humus rich, deep soils. But other floors can be adapted accordingly.
The plants
When planting, there are often many questions. Where does the finishing point go, how deep does the rose have to be used, how many roses per square meter (planting distance), cut roots, best planting time, which varieties fit together and many more. We want to answer these for you on the following pages.
Rose care
Of course you have to know how to care for roses. Starting with watering and thinning, over the rose cut and the appropriate hibernation to propagation, the care measures, which will be informed below.
Pouring and fertilizing
During the seasons, roses are poured appropriately. Especially when fertilizing a lot is to be considered: not only when fertilized, but especially with what. There are very different fertilizers and you should not randomly access, but select specifically. When fertilizing and fertilizer can be done all sorts wrong. To avoid mistakes, we have put together a lot of important information on this topic for you.
Rose cut
The individual rose varieties are cut differently. You can distinguish between beet and edelrosen, ground cover roses, flowering shrub roses, often flowering shrub roses, once-flowering, vigorous ramblers, often flowering climbing roses, cascade or mourning roses. Why and how these are cut is explained below.
Actually, roses are sufficiently hardy. Nevertheless, the plants are happy about some protection, especially against the blazing winter sun and the wind. What is important in hibernation, you will learn in our technical contributions.
You do not necessarily have to buy roses, you can also multiply them yourself. Not all have to be refined. Also Rosenstecklilge are possible. You can reach root-like roses. Of course, noble shoots can also be grafted onto another base. If you like, you can pull roses from the seeds of the rose hips. There are some species of rose propagation that we would like to share with you.
Diseases and pests
Unfortunately, roses are haunted by many pests and there are also many rosacea diseases. Which of these are in detail and what you can do about it, or how they can be avoided, you will learn in the technical papers. Inform yourself!

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