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Dry roses in the hanging

If you want to use the flowers of a rose from a purchased bouquet of flowers, these are usually a little open. As they wither faster than they are planted in soil, you should start cutting them after two days at the latest, in order to be able to cut them off just before the complete flower opening.

Split off

Do not simply tear off the leaves or whole blossoms, but cut them. If an entire branch is to be dried, it is cut off above the second leaf extension. The condition is that there are no other buds on this branch that would then enter when closed. If only the rose petals or the flower are needed, it is cut off directly under the flower on the flower stem. Each petal can then be detached directly from the flower.


To make the leaves of roses long-lasting, this requires a proper drying. There are several options available:

book drying

The most well-known variant for rose-leaf drying is with the book. They are placed between the book pages and the book is then closed. It is important that either a clean, absorbent kitchen paper or even better, a blotter is placed under and over the sheet. So the moisture can escape optimally from the leaves and also does not pollute the book pages.
But beware: the leaves must not be on top of each other.
The absorbent paper should be changed once a week or the leaves should be moved in their position. After about three weeks, the rose petal should be dried at room temperature. This drying method has the advantage that the rose petals are dried simultaneously from both sides.
However, they lose their natural bulges and come out completely smooth pressed after drying. Therefore, this method is more suitable for example for the rose decoration of letters or picture frames. The same applies to the flower drying.

Free drying

In order to maintain the individual shape or bulges, drying without pressing is recommended. For this, the rose petals and / or flowers are distributed either on a grid or on a paper towel so that they do not overlap. The cooler the ambient temperature, the slower it will dry. Optimal places are, for example, the boiler room or a sheltered sunbathing area on the terrace or balcony.

Roses dry in the microwave

After about two days, take the bouquet of roses out of the water, divide it up to a maximum of eight stems and combine them into a bundle. With more rose stalks, drying would be more difficult and consistent and complete moisture loss would not be guaranteed.
Now hang the individual bundles upside down. The drying place should be a cool, dry and airy place. For example, there are storage floors or a barn where no sun shines on the bunch of roses.
Depending on the type of rose and the size of the flowers, the drying time lasts between four and six days. Thereafter, the bundles can be removed and placed individually or put together again in a flower vase without water. The complete drying is completed after about four weeks.


Rose leaves and rose petals as well as bouquets receive considerably more lifespan when they receive a kind of preservation. This can be done either with clear coat or with hair spray. These simply spray on after the drying process has finished. Make sure that you cover everything well with the clear coat or the hair spray, in order to be able to lay an even film on the flowers, leaves or the entire bouquet of roses.
Both variants give about the same durability, although gloss clearcoat can add a slightly shimmering brilliance. If you repeat the preservation every few months, the dried roses retain their beauty at best for years. Incidentally, the extension of the durability by hair spray has no effect.
Only in the first hours after spraying the spray smell will spread, but the rose scent will prevail.
Rose petals, rose petals and rose bouquets are easy to dry professionally without much effort. With the drying methods and preservation methods described here, you can use the Queen of Flowers in the long term for numerous decorative purposes and as a scented oasis.

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