Transplant roses - that's how young and old roses bloom quickly

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If the roses were taken from the old location, then they should be planted immediately in the new place. The roots should be freed from the old earth as much as possible. After that, the root-bare plants are placed in a bucket of water for a few hours, so they can soak. Then proceed as follows:
  • Carefully place roses in the planting hole
  • admit prepared soil
  • The treatment center must be five centimeters below the ground
  • so this is protected from stress cracks by winter sun
  • compact well with foot after filling
  • otherwise cavities could arise
  • then sprinkle well
  • This ensures good contact with the roots at the roots
Tip: If a pouring edge is formed around the plant, the water will flow directly into the planting area and will not flow off to the side.

Pile after planting

The most important thing about the roses is the accumulation after planting. It is irrelevant whether the roses were transplanted in late autumn or late in winter. The accumulation serves to protect against frost, which is still to be expected in late winter. The procedure is as follows:
  • pile the earth around the rose
  • For this purpose, the earth is placed 15 cm high around the rose bush
  • leave until the spring at fall planting
  • then remove if no frost is expected
  • Leave at spring planting until the last frost
  • the rose is clearly expelled again, remove accumulation

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