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Container Rose Care: Cut and repot

Not everywhere, where a rosebush is desired, is also a garden bed available. On the terrace, the balcony or in the entrance to the house, the fragrant flowers are very decorative.

Roses + rose care: care

Dog roses - planting, care and cutting

Dog roses are a beautification for any garden. In the large selection of almost countless different varieties everyone will find the right rose. They grow with relatively little effort and bring color and fragrance into the garden. In addition to their function as privacy screens, they also offer ecological benefits.

Roses + rose care: garden

What do blue roses mean? - Meaning in the language of love

The rose speaks a clear language with its color. For example, those who give away red roses show their passionate love. But the other colors also have symbolic power and convey certain feelings. Blue roses are extraordinary, is it their message too?

Roses + rose care: care

Rose de Resht - location, care and cutting - gardener experiences

The Rose de Resht is one of the oldest roses ever. It scores above all with its intense scent that enchants every garden. It is also extremely robust and easy to clean. What exactly one should pay attention to is here.

Roses + rose care: garden

Implement roses: when and how to transplant roses properly

For many gardeners, the rose is the undisputed queen in the garden. She is loved, cared for and admired. In some places, however, she does not really want to thrive. A move would be useful now, but it voluntarily leaves their old empire?

Roses + rose care: garden

Transplant roses - that's how young and old roses bloom quickly

There are many reasons why roses do not bloom anymore. So it may be that they have become too large, the soil no longer has any nutrients or a wrong, for example, dark location was chosen. In such a case should be transplanted.

How climbing roses grow better - care and cut

rosacea leaf disease

As beautiful as the decorative rose in the garden is in its many species, unfortunately, it is also very vulnerable. Especially powdery mildew, blackspot, rose rust or rolled-up leaves can add a lot to the graceful plant. But there are tips and tricks on how to combat them and preventive measures so that these diseases do not even arise.


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